4 Methods of Automobile Paint Protection

Getting a new car is an exciting step in life so when you do get that car, you’ll obviously want it to look brand new for as long as possible. To make sure that this is possible you have to protect your car. With the evolution of the manufacturing industry and technology, car protection has come a long way.

Car protection initially started off with just wax. Every few months you gave your exterior a wax and then prayed that nothing happened. However nowadays you get different types of waxes like carnauba wax, improved sealants like polymer and Teflon and coatings such as clear bra or ceramic.

So, in this quick article we will talk about each type of protection and what benefits and drawbacks they have.

Carnauba Wax

Let’s start off with the oldest method of protection available, wax. Wax is probably the most common and overused term in the automobile care and detailing industry. However fast forward a couple of years and wax is still being used for detailing but not so much for protection specifically.

Long time ago wax was made from the leaves of palm tree. There are different types of wax, but the main concept is the same. You can find wax pots for as little as $20 or ones that go up to $1000. The difference is the various types of wax is the base carnauba layer and percentage.

High end wax products have carnauba content of around 70% but even this will not provide sufficient protection. Howeverthough wax is good for UV protection, when it comes to stone chip protection just a wax layer will do no good.

Synthetic Sealants

Next up in the car protection pyramid we have synthetic sealants.  As the name suggests synthetic sealants are manmade unlike wax which is derived off an organic base. Sealants have one goal and that is protections. You’ll find sealants with many base compounds, but polymer is usually the compound of choice.

Since these are made with protection in mind, they offer better protection when compared to a wax layer. They have a high stronger resistance to UV rays and chemicals while the melting points are also quite high.

With a single coat, you can aim to get a good all round 6 months of protection.

Glass/Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coating is the most expensive and the latest addition to the automobile care repertoire. The word glass and ceramic are often used interchangeably, and this name is derived from theirchemical base.

The main compound used is Silica Dioxide so instead of a thin layer, a ceramic coating adds a thick shell to your paint. The solid content applied creates a barrier that is gauge measurable between the surroundings and your paint.

PPF(Paint Protection Film)

PPF or Clear Bra is like a sealant but instead has several layers that protect your car from all kinds of damage. These invisible layers have self-healing characteristics in the sense that they can absorb minor scratches and regain its natural form.

The main compound used to make PPFs are urethane.

These are 4 main types of car protection tools used today. Your choice should depend on the type of protection you are looking for and your budget. Communicating this to a car detailing professional will help you pick the right type for your car.

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