5 Amazing Drinks a Pregnant Woman Can Enjoy

Pregnant women often crave food and drink that are not the beat for their health. When it comes to drinks in particular, it is only normal to feel like you want to have more of the least healthy beverages. However, if you want to have a healthy and safe pregnancy, you may have to make a couple of sacrifices. Here are the best beverages you can indulge in during pregnancy.


There is no such thing as drinking too much water, and when you are pregnant, definitely not! In fact, you simply can’t stress enough about the importance of water, loads of it, in pregnancy. There is a ton of reasons why water is great, or essential, rather, during pregnancy.

Firstly, it keeps you hydrated – which is what you need more than ever. Secondly, it helps absorb any nutrition from the food you eat –again, a very important function for both you and your bub. Likewise, there are so many amazing things that water can do to you and your baby which is why you and your big bottle of water should be inseparables.


The one thing that comes to mind when you say ‘milk’ is calcium, and of course, protein. Milk is one of the best sources of both these essentials. Some pregnant find it easier to consume, or gulp down if that’s how they want to describe it, than other foods that require a little more effort to eat. One the great things about milk is that you can always find so many substitutes if you are allergic to, or just not into dairy. Soy milk for instance, is great in terms of nutrition and taste, too.

Types of Teas

A lot of pregnant women remain confused or unsure about the whole idea of drinking tea in pregnancy. The answer, in short, is that certain teas, like ginger, in particular, are proven to be completely safe to drink during pregnancy. In fact, it is believed to help ease feelings of nausea and discomfort in your tummy.

You can also opt for special teas for pregnancy that are certified, approved, and 100% safe (even beneficial in many ways) to consume in this period. Look for these special teas or tea blends in some of the top, reliable stores, or try buying them directly from the producer. Keep in mind that any beverage, no matter how great, is always best consumed in moderation.

Fresh Smoothies

True enough, a smoothie is sort of an in between thing – neither food, nor beverage. However, this is the exact reason why some women love to opt for one straight away. Isn’t convenience what you would always opt for in your pregnancy days, that, too, where your diet os concerned.

If you are going to be making your own meals, then you would simply want to have a list of quickies you can whip up – quick to make yet loaded with goodness. Fruit and veggie smoothies are just perfect because they’re not only packed with nutrition and help meet dietary requirements easily, but also because they count as a great source of hydration. 

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