5 Tips to Pack Travel Snacks

Packing travel snacks is one of the most crucial parts of the whole pack up process and preparing for travel with toddlers and kids. Are you super serious about not repeating some of the crazy mistakes you’ve made previously with travel snacking? Here are a couple of tips you might find helpful!

Choose a Firm Bag

You need the right bag for your snacks and drinks, if not for anything else. It does not matter how you travel – whether you are on a train or a bus, or taking your own vehicle, you need to make sure your snacks are packed together, separately, a not with your clothing and other stuff. Make sure the bag has a firm handle, and is in decent condition so you just wouldn’t have to be dealing with a messy situation owing to broken handles or zippers.

Choose Healthy

Candies and processed chips might seem ideal to keep your toddlers calm through the journey. Nevertheless, dealing with a sugar rush later on is not fun either. Thus, it is always a good idea to think about ways to easily incorporate a healthy element while you pack your snacks.

As you know, there are cool snacks, packaged ones in particular, that are not just healthy but tasty, too! Save some of those amazing packs containing new, fun flavours like raw tomato crackers for instance, just for these trips that you know you’d be taking at some point. 

Focus on Proteins

If you are able to pack a couple of protein packed snacks, you would not be needing to carry too many different kinds. The reason – protein based snacks are quite filling, and helps keep you satiated for a while.

As much as you’d want to make sure you’ve a good stash that’s enough for yourself and the kids to make it through the journey, keeping your luggage minimal is always what you’d wish you could do while traveling with toddlers. If your items contain protein-based snacks, like a mix of nuts and dried fruit for instance, your kids are likely to be satisfied and stay calm for a longer while. 

Minimize the Mess

One might say it’s almost impossible to avoided messes when it comes to snacking during travel, especially when it is a bunch of toddlers that you are dealing with. Nevertheless, try doing some thinking and pick types of snacks that are relativelyless messy to eat.

At least you would know this would mean avoiding mini donuts and cupcakes with frosting on them. This again might be another reason why items like nuts, dried fruit, cheese sandwiches are way better options – they are healthy, filling, and easier to eat! 

Pack Extra Bags

Some of the essentials that you simply do not want to forget are extra Ziplock and paper bags, and paper napkins. Whether you’ve chosen your snacks wisely, or you’ve packed donuts and frosted cookies and you’re guilty, you’d want to take a couple of bags and napkins along with you – just in case! These could actually save you and your kids from extremely messy situations, whether you are on a train, a bus, or your car.

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