6 Types of Breakfast Cereals That Are Nutritious for You

Cereal grains have been a staple food to many people for several years. They are usually consumed during breakfast in all parts of the world. They are very significant due to the many nutrient contents and health benefits they carry.

Listed below are some types of breakfast cereals which you can add to your diet as a substitute to the other meals you have for breakfast.

1. Cornflakes

They are produced by using corn or maize. It is a well-known breakfast cereal that is prepared and packaged by toasting and flattening flakes of corn. As cornflakes are packed with carbohydrates, iron, as well as vitamin B complex, they are suitable for consumption by both children and elders.

Cornflakes are typically consumed with hot or cold milk along with a sweetener like sugar or honey and also preferably with some fresh fruits like strawberries. If the flakes are sugar-coated then it is not necessary to add a separate sweetener. They can also be had without milk like a snack.

2. Wheat flakes

This cereal is similar to wheat porridge and is a perfect choice if you are trying to reduce your weight. Just like cornflakes, wheat flakes are consumed with hot or cold milk too.

As they are rich in fibre, it is an amazing preference as a healthy breakfast. Additionally, they are ideal when you have to prepare a quick breakfast.

3. Muesli

Muesli is another breakfast cereal that has a mixture of almonds, raisins, and several other grains. Due to the availability of protein in muesli, it is a great choice if you are being mindful of your health. As they contain low calories, muesli can aid in losing weight as well. They are also packed with fibre that can enable proper digestion. Apart from regular muesli, you can consider consuming gluten free muesli if you want to add gluten-free food to your diet.

You can serve yourself a bowl of muesli by adding both yogurt and milk. In addition, you may eat muesli even as an evening snack.

4. Rice Krispies

Also known as poha it is a famous and nourishing breakfast cereal in the Indian subcontinent. They are produced from rice grains and are lightweight.

This cereal is ready for consumption after being washed well and slightly sauteed. For extra flavour, you may serve it with jaggery.

5. Granola

This is one of the best choices among breakfast cereals as it contains various ingredients like nuts, oats, choco flakes, wheat flakes, dried fruits, and seeds.

Granola is usually eaten as a topping to plain or Greek yogurt. They can also be consumed individually in the form of bars which you can prepare at home or purchase from stores.

6. Bran cereal

This is an amazing breakfast cereal that can keep you full until lunchtime. It is also healthy at the same time which can help you to maintain a good weight.

They are readily available at the stores and you may use this cereal to make a variety of breakfast dishes. You may also find crackers that contain bran as the main ingredient which is a convenient way of eating bran cereal.

Breakfast being the first meal of the day, you need to ensure that you choose a meal that is tasty and healthy. Mentioned above are some best breakfast cereals you can incorporate to the start of your day. You can find out more details on the other available cereals and their nutritional values.

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