A Newbie’s Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Safety Tips

If you’re a newbie to riding bikes, the below points would help. They’re everything that would keep you safe on the road.

Check Your Mood

Always check how you’re doing before you drive. You may be upset about something, so your head would not be focused on driving, getting you into an accident. Always take a breather if you’re upset when about to drive.

When in bad moods, don’t go on very long trips. The chances of something happening to you would be high.

You could also be tired, so driving won’t be ideal. Get someone else to drop you home.

Never drunk drive

You might have had a bit to drink. Your vision would be blurry, so hitting the road would not be a good idea. Cognition would be impacted, so your reaction time would also be hindered.

Drive Defensively

People say that driving motorcycles is more dangerous than other vehicles. This is true to an extent – you’re not protected by a hefty exterior. A major chunk of the accidents that drivers get into is due to them trying and getting in other drivers’ ways. Always drive defensively – stay out of someone’s blind spot, have your headlights on, keep your eyes on the road, and signal when turning.

Bumpy Rides

Riding your bike is much bumpier than it used to be. This would prevent you from driving as fast. But you would not be able to manoeuvre the motorcycle as well, which could put you in a dangerous situation.

There may be many reasons why your vehicle is like this. The most common would be a problem with its motorcycle springs. Eibach motorcycle springs are known to be high-quality. Give them a try.

Something else that would affect smoothness would be the suspension links.

Always Prepare

Test your bike before hitting the road. This would tell you if there are any looming issues. There are so many things to check, so where do you start? Check for the condition of the tires, oil or gas leaks, headlight, and other light functions, brakes, mirrors, clutch, and brake, as well as your horn.

Local Traffic Laws

You might be riding the vehicle in a totally different area. The traffic laws in different states tend to differ. Unknowingly, you might break rules that could land you in jail. You might not be aware of some rules, which could cause you to get into a collision as well.

Practice Braking

Practice braking so that you know how to stop your bike at the right time. Your reaction speed could save you from a life-or-death situation. A lot of newbies don’t have the best practice with braking at the right time.

Final Thoughts

Let’s sum everything mentioned. Quite a lot has to be considered if you’re a newbie to riding motorcycles. One of the best tips would be to never drive if you’re not in the proper state of mind. You could be very angry, not focusing on the vehicle that is driving towards you.

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