A Quick Guide to Resin Art

Art is one of those things that tries to capture a concept that is almost indescribable when put into words. Over the years, art has evolved in numerous ways, from only being practiced by a select few, to now being practiced the world over by amateurs and hobbyists who hope to reach the level of the greats someday. Generations ago, painting and sculpture were the pinnacles of art, and any other form of art was seen as playing second fiddle to the masters. However, I’m glad to say that it is no longer the case, and multimedium works are becoming increasingly respected and sought after.

One of the best up-and-coming mediums out there is resin. Resin is one of those materials that is used very often in crafting. You may have heard of it before but in case you’ve forgotten, epoxy resin is a material that you can apply to two objects as an adhesive. In addition, it is exceptional as an artistic medium because it dries clear and lasts pretty much forever. All you need to do to procure some supplies for yourself is head over to resin art starter kit.

Resin doesn’t come in just a single variety, on the contrary there are many different types of epoxies, all of which are priceless when chasing a particular function. For example, if you want a quick hardening resin, you might opt for a resin such as UV resin. It sets at a very accelerated rate when UV light is applied. This is truly a fantastic type of resin. In the world of art, it is used to cast things, it is mixed in with glitter and dyes to create beautiful effects and they can even be used in their plain and clear form in order to showcase other art as well.

So, we’ve talked all about resin and its uses. Let’s talk a little bit about resin art. Resin art is when the resin and hardener are combined not for the express purpose of gluing two things together, but for making art and looking pretty. Epoxy resin is never handled with bare hands, instead, it is handled with gloves and poured into a mold to set into the desired shape. You can pretty much make any kind of shape with epoxy resin as long as you have the mold for it. This means that if you have the mold for it, you could replicate pretty much any shape that you want to. You could replicate your favorite toy, your favorite piece of jewelry, and any kind of coaster you could ever want. The fun of the epoxy resin tends to be in the high degree of customization that it allows for. You could literally put in any color of dye, any kind of glitter and shape it into anything you want to get the result that most catch your eye.

So, there you go, we hope that you feel a little bit more inclined to get a resin art starter kit and have some fun.

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