Baby Shower: Protocols Every Guest Should Know

Baby showers are fun and cute events that we all look forward to attending and celebrating as the couple rejoices the near end of their pregnancy journey. As easy as attending a baby shower sounds, there are common stories we hear about where guests unfortunately don’t follow certain important etiquettes.

This could lead to troubles and unexpected obstacles for both the host and the guests. So, in order to avoid any further attendance conundrums at a baby shower, keep reading to know about important protocols that every guest must know about before heading over to baby shower.

Protocol 1 – Invitations and RSVPs

While it’s a well-known fact that to RSVP is common courtesy, people often don’t put in the effort to do it. It’s the first and foremost thing one should do when the invitation for a baby shower is received. Whether you’re going or you aren’t, in both cases the need to RSVP is extremely important.

This is because not only would it be rude to show up without announcing the acceptance of the invitation, but it would also be rather rude to be absent without bothering to inform the hosts and apologize for being unable to come. Always make the habit of acknowledging the invitation regardless of your decision.

Protocol 2 – Who is invited?

It’s extremely important to make a thorough note of who exactly is invited. As invitations are often given with a proper headcount, it would be reckless to show up with those not invited. Certain baby showers are ladies only, which means your significant other or spouse would not be invited. However, even if it’s a mixed event, you need to be thorough with whom the invitations are extended to exactly in order to avoid making both hosts and other guests feeling unfair.

Protocol 3 – The gifting rules

To forget your gift or even to show up without one would be considered inconsiderate as it’s a celebratory event. However, although it’ll be great if you could get something off the gift registry, it’s not a must. From a baby gift hamper to baby clothes and other gifts that you think would be just perfect for a new born baby, the choice is yours to make.  So long as the gift is a practical one and one of use, you’re good to go.

Protocol 4 – Avoid belly rubs and advices

Most moms would feel quite uncomfortable if you give them a belly rub so it’s best to avoid them at all costs, especially since there will be many people there. If one person, does it that may start a ripple effect and the last thing you want to do is to make them feel uncomfortable on their special day. When it comes to giving advices, it’s best to keep it for later. Be encouraging, but don’t set off on a lecture. However, if they do ask you for advice then you have the green light and you may proceed.

Once you’ve locked down all the four protocols above, you’re good to go!

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