Benefits of Getting A Turbocharger

When most of us hear the word turbo the first thing that comes into mind is a scene from a “Fast and Furious” movie. We immediately think fast sports cars. This current concept among many of us is that a turbo is useful only if you want to rev up your engine and increase speed.

While turbochargers are easily able to achieve this, there are several other benefits for fitting one on your car. If you are currently looking for a turbocharger or going to buy a car with a turbocharger pre-installed, below are some of the main benefits that come with one.


This is probably the main benefit of a turbocharger. A turbocharger can easily produce torque and horsepower and this ability is unrivalled. Usually what manufacturers do is use turbochargers on 4-cylinder engines that are fuel efficient, and these engines then produce as much power as a larger 6or 8-cylinder counterpart.

The fuel efficiency is still maintained because the turbocharger only comes into play when you need extra power. Make sure you install a quality turbo system in order for this to happen. For example, you can get a pulsar turbo for your car and you won’t have to think twice.


A turbocharger is powered by waste gases so therefore there is only an increase in performance. Usually other types of supercharger consumer power using a drive pulley for the engine and this causes a slight loss of performance.

Fuel Consumption

Related to the first point, when you compare a turbocharged engine with one that can produce the same amount of power, the turbocharged engine will definitely use less fuel. This is mainly because the turbocharged engine is actually smaller but is able to produce similar power to a larger capacity engine because of the turbocharger.

For example, if both the engines under comparison can produce 200 horsepower, the turbocharged engine can achieve this using a 4-cylinderversion while the non-turbocharged engine will probably have to be a 6 cylinder.

Typically, a turbocharged engine can boast around 20 percent better fuel economy.

Noise Pollution

Again, due to the smaller size of the turbocharged engine, the noise produced to achieve the same power as a larger engine is comparatively less. Another added benefit is that the turbocharger acts as a silencer and the noise is muffled.

High Altitude Performance

To generate power, we all know that an engine has to burn fuel and to do this there should be some kind of air pressure. When you climb up to higher altitudes this air pressure is quite low, so a regular engine will burn less fuel and produce less power.

However, a turbocharged engine is quite the opposite. As you climb higher, the performance of the engine will increase. This due to the pressure difference between the exhaust air and the air ahead of the turbo. The turbocharger manages to up the density of the air entering the engine which in turn produces more power.

These are some of the benefits of turbocharger other than the quite obvious increase in speed. If you are looking for turbocharger, make sure to get a good system that will last for time to come.

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