Benefits of Living in the Suburbs

Today, we’re going to discuss the benefits of living in the outskirts. Suburbia isn’t for everyone, but there are many benefits to living in the suburbs. We’ve gathered five key reasons why people prefer to settle in the suburbs.


Purchasing a property or renting an apartment in the suburbs is usually cheaper than in the city. For about the same sum of money you spend living in a major city in a one-bedroom condo, you can live in a two-bedroom condo that includes utilities and all amenities. Usually, in the suburbs, you’ll find more room for less capital. Not just rent, but other basics are also cheaper compared to the major city, which means that you can save more cash for other expenses and even luxuries.

Beaconsfield is a good example of a peaceful suburb in Melbourne CBD, and you can find many houses for sale Beaconsfield.

More Space

One of the major reasons’ individuals need to live in the suburbs is because they require more room. The town is typically packed with people, apartments, and buildings right next to one another. There are larger houses in the suburbs, providing more room and anonymity if that’s what you need. Often, the houses in the suburbs have wider front yards and backyards.

This is perfect whether you’re raising a child or even a dog because they’re going to have plenty of space to run around and play. Another advantage of living in the suburbs is unrestricted parking! It’s such a hassle to find a parking slot in town, let alone free parking. But the suburbs have large parking lots where you can park a car, and your house has a driveway as well.

Better Education

If you have children or intend to have children moving to the suburbs, it may be a good idea. Typically, schooling in the suburbs is higher. City schools are frequently poorly funded and overpopulated, which affects the standard of education. In the suburbs, you’ll pay quite a high property taxes, but you’ll certainly benefit from higher expenditures and quality schools. The suburban schools are also in close vicinity and the roads and facilities are well-designed, making it safer for kids to go to school.

Nature & Community

The suburbs are full of nature, from trees to animals. They also provide public parks in which you can enjoy clean air and natural landscapes. Less noise and cleaner air make the suburbs a better place to visit. You can also see the stars at night with less ambient light. The suburbs are still close-knit neighbourhoods. There are a lot of opportunities for you to find friends in your neighbourhood and have a good sense of belonging.

Healthier Lifestyle

All the bustle and disturbance of a city can lead to anxiety and sleep problems. Yet there is a lot of peace of mind in the suburbs. You can avoid the work and tension of a city, while always being close to people and wants. Not only is suburban living better, it’s safer as well. The crime rate is lower than the city, making it easier for you and your family. If you want a more comfortable and relaxed lifestyle, the suburbs are a perfect choice for you!

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