Buying a Skid Steer Loader Used: 6 Things to Consider

Buying heavy duty machinery used is the best move. You could grab one that’s in good quality for a fraction of the cost. That being said, you’ll have to keep some things in mind. These are especially true for skid steers, and we talked about them below.


You’re going the used route as you want to save money. However, if you don’t look around, you could spend a lot. You may be stuck with a seller that’s selling the machine for much more than what it’s worth. Not only should you look hard, but you should do your research to look for red flags.

Machine History

Before you purchase the loader, find out everything about its history. The location it was used in, as well as the jobs it was used for. It’d also help to know if the machine was bought new or used. All of this information would affect how well of a time you’d have with it.

Log Hours

Log hours are one of the most important things to consider. By knowing how many hours it was used for, you could average how long in a day it’d last. You’d also be able to gauge if one of its parts is faulty or not this saves you thousands in the long run.

But purchasing a skid steer with the less log hours isn’t always what you want. Although it was used more, one with double the hours could have been maintained better.

Maintenance Records

Even though the verbal history of the machine says a lot, the person you’re buying from may leave important details out. When purchasing heavy-duty machinery, even the slightest bit of information is important.

If there are many offering skid steerers, work with the one who offers the most detailed maintenance records.


Depending on the attachments you get, you could complete many tasks. Skid steer attachments come in a range of styles and weights. The machine you’re buying should be able to handle whatever you want to attach.

It may be unusually small or light in the base, which would cause heavy attachments to wreck its insides. If they’re too small for your machine, the efficiency of your work would also be affected. The best deal would be to buy the vehicle with attachments. Of course, you’ll be spending a bit extra.


Don’t forget to inspect the loader take your time and do it. If you’re not confident with your expertise, hire a mechanic. Not only do you need to do visual tests, but you need to assess its engine, and see how smooth it is to work as well.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to heavy duty vehicles, buying used is very smart. You’re able to get them for a fraction of the cost. However, you need to assess them thoroughly. You may pick up a skid steer that’s in less than great condition otherwise. You need to make note of its log hours and history too you want something that will last long.

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