Can Direct Mail Marketing Help Your Business?

Marketing strategies has evolved a lot in the past decade. Sometimes direct mail does not seem like the most effective when you see all the other campaigns that are being carried on social media platforms. So, is direct mail worth your time and money when it comes to marketing?

They Get Read

There is always the chance of a social media post or an email getting ignored when someone browse through online platforms. Digital media has made it easy to filter and scroll past what we don’t want to read. But when it comes to direct mail, people tend to at least glance through what they receive. Even when your customers won’t immediately act on reading your mail, they will at least read through it ensuring visibility to your business.

It Is Personal

A direct mail has the capacity to bring a personal and a closer message to your customers. Several researches have proven that tangible marketing methods are enjoyed by customers due to several reasons – they can be read leisurely without the pressure or temptation of scrolling down to see the most of your social media feed, put up on your fridge as a reminder and even carry it around if you want to give and share it with someone.


Digital media or even print media such as newspapers do not allow you to send personalised messages to your customers. But when you have accurate and enough details about your most loyal customers, you know their professions, interests and demographics. With direct mail, you can use this information to send them information that are personalised; such as a new product that they would be interested in or have use of.

Creative and Innovative

The amount of creative options that are available for you with direct mail is endless. Social media, digital media and mainstream print media such as newspapers are the popular methods and sometimes the notices and advertisements on them can be a little old fashioned. But with personal mails you have the option to try out various creative means – with different textures, 3D objects etc. This is a unique and eye-catching way of marketing.

Builds Trust

Nothing is important to the progress of a business-like customer trust. And direct mail has the ability to do this. This is because sending a mail directly to your selected customer is familiar and helps to build a better connection. Everyone gets your online messages. Everyone sees your social media announcements and television advertisements. But not everyone gets a direct mail from their favourite company. This is found especially effective if you are dealing with senior customers.

Target Your Exact Audience

Modern marketing methods and new media marketing exposes your business to everyone and anyone. And while this is a great way to create visibility, sometimes your announcement gets lost in various other companies’ announcements. Similarly, you will not get the chance to interact with each and every customer who is loyal to you and will certainly find it difficult to target the exact group you need. For a better approach, you can contact Blue Star Direct and they will help you to target the exact group of people you want.

Sometimes, old is gold. When millions of other companies are opting for digital media, choosing the traditional way can actually help you to stand out.

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