Common Brake Issues in Vehicles

You need to be aware of the brake system of your vehicle so that you can understand what is happening inside the vehicle when something goes wrong. The brake pedal is only one small part of the system. There are many interlocking components that work together and if there is an issue in any of the pieces, there can be certain issues that come up.

Whenever there is something wrong with the brakes of your vehicle, it is best to have it seen immediately. You need to take it to an experienced mechanic to carry out brake repairs Canberra to ensure that your vehicle is safe for the passengers and the people on the road. A common issue that comes up in vehicles is shoe replacement. You need to replace the brake pads once every 20,000 miles. The quality of the pads can be different and there are different types of pads that can last longer.

But you need to be very sure of the specifications. Generally, vehicles come with a wear indicator that will stick out from the brake pad assembly. You can check this whenever you are checking engine oil to determine whether the pads need to be replaced. There are certain warning signs that will let you know of this such as squealing or sticking brakes.         

Master cylinders have several pistons and valves and carry the reservoir for brake fluid. These rarely run into problems so replacements are quite rare. However, certain issues can occur because of plastics wearing out of dirt getting into the system and affecting the pistons. It can be difficult to find out which small part is displaying issues so what is generally recommended is a full replacement.

Line replacement is an emergency type of repair that is required. The brake lines are there to carry fluid throughout the brake system and this is what will ensure the lubrication of all parts. Therefore, the brake fluid should be completely free of any contaminants. If there is even a small hole in the brake line, there can be contamination and this can cause larger issues. You can either patch the line or replace it depending on the severity of the issue.

Another issue that you may come across is bleeding of the brake lines. This is when you drain all brake fluid out of the system and replace it completely. This is done when there is dirt or any other contaminant in the system or when there are air bubbles in the brake lines. If there are any brake repairs carried out, the brake lines will generally be bled to ensure there are no air pockets within.

There are so many little pieces and parts that make up the brake system. Sometimes they can wear out requiring you to replace them. One such component that can wear out is callipers. These callipers hold the brake pad in position. Sometimes when the brake pads have not been properly changed, the callipers can wear out. There are many issues that can come up when you are driving a vehicle so it is best to be prepared for emergencies and carry an emergency contact for several mechanics so that you can contact them when needed. Make sure you have numbers for a few towing companies as well.

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