Crafts to Upcycle Fabrics You Have Around

With a little creativity, you could have your afternoons or weekends booked with all the crafts you could do with the fabrics you have lying around. You could make them for your home, or you could give these crafts to friends, neighbours and colleagues as gifts, or you could even make them into a side hustle and sell them for some extra cash.

Not only would it save (or earn) your money, you are also doing your bit in saving the Earth by lessening your wastes since you are recycling the fabric scraps you have around and other materials that you might need to finish the crafts.

Wall Art

One of the easiest crafts you could do with fabric is hanging wall art. All you need is a nice printed fabric and you are good to go! You could spruce a blank, boring wall and just hang the fabric using adhesives or a rod, or you could use a wooden frame or even stick the fabric to a canvas. If you don’t have a fabric with nice prints or you have bits and pieces of fabric, you could still make it into a wall art as abstract.


You could even use scrap fabrics to make accessories and jewellery that are truly unique. You could braid the fabric; add some beads and charms and you have yourself a fabric necklace or bracelet. You could even fashion your scrap fabrics into a belt, just buy a buckle or use one from an old belt.

You could visit some craft stores and have a look today. Search for cup or flat post back or ball post with nut so you could make a fabric earring. You could even use the fabrics to upcycle the stuff you already own such as refurbishing a bag or pouch or even an open toed sandal.


If you want your home to be organized, you would need a lot of storage bins. But these bins, especially the big, sturdy ones could be costly. If you have tons of fabrics,you could weave a basket to use as storage. Or if you have some bins made from steel or metal that is rusty and you want to upcycle it, you could weave the fabric in and out of the mesh. You could even use an old box and repurpose it and make it more aesthetically pleasing by covering it with fabric and voila, you have a pretty storage box to stow away your knickknacks.


When you start your general cleaning, you might be surprised to find tons of old notebooks and journals with a lot of blank pages. You could reuse them and make one journal or a recipe book, a song lyrics book, a journal of your favourite Bible verses or inspirational and motivational quotes. Once you combined all the blank pages, you could make it more unique and one of a kind by covering it in a nice fabric.

Since a lot of things are made from fabric, you would not run out of things to do with your scrap fabrics. Look for inspiration and let all those creative juices flow!

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