Different Types of Car Seat Material

The inside of the vehicle is the most beautiful component chosen apart from the outside of the car, so it must be carefully selected. Actually, the beauty of automobile upholstery contributes to the appeal of a car, and this is why there are a lot of car owners who are invested in the product used to make car seats.

But when selecting the car seat cover fabric, you need to remember that there are different kinds of options to choose from when looking for a car seat, and the kind of fabric used for your car seat can decide the amount of comfort you get when you sit on the seat:


Leather is by far the most expensive upholstery¬†material that provides beauty, elegance and quality. Think of its soft texture, the feeling and the warmth you get from a leather seat, you’re going to determine that the money you spend on purchasing it is worth your cost.

Nylon Fabric

Nowadays car seats are made of nylon fibre unless you get an expensive vehicle. Most Prado seat covers will be made of leather. It’s a standard seat fabric that most vehicles come with because it’s cheap and also robust. In most cases, the car seat will also arrive with nylon cover cloth which is an additional benefit that nylon fabric has over other forms of material.

Faux Vinyl Fabric

When someone sees this product, they’re likely to believe it’s a leather seat and most of the times, it looks like sued or leather, but it’s just designed to copycat. The seat material of such a car is high-quality and comfortable, and the price is one of the benefits. Faux vinyl fabric is a convenient material for making your car seat look like a high-quality leather. These fabrics are easy to maintain and wash, particularly for vehicle owners with kids and pets.

Vinyl Fabric

Vinyl is a favourite choice for many vehicle owners, since it’s simple to wash and preserve. It comes in many different colours, making it more suitable for all forms of cars, whether for private or commercial use. It is also a robust and high-quality¬†seat fabric that sticks out among other fabrics.


Velour is the basic fabric option of seat covers. It’s built to appear as the actual upholstery in cars today, so it’s perfect for an individual trying to guard their seats without appear as they’ve got seat covering. The fabric is smooth and pleasant but is not the most robust or water resistant. Velour is a good economic, multifunctional choice for any kind of car.


The nature of the breathable mesh makes it the perfect seat cover material in a very hot environment. The mesh helps the air to get under seat covers, allowing more ventilation and less moisture. Very close to quality velour, the option of RM Williams, AFL and NRL seat covers is very common.

These are some of the most common types of seat cover material used nowadays. Your choice will depend on your budget and usage.

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