Different Types of CNC Machines

The process that is done by CNC machines is called CNC machining. This is a manufacturing process where an automated computer software controls the movement of different machinery and tools in the factory. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control.

CNC machining can relate to a wide range of machinery and complex tasks like 3D metal cutting can be accomplished in a few simple steps. Below is a list of CNC machines that are in the industry today to manufacture products. There are 6 main types:

CNC Milling Machines

The most popular type of CNC machine in the manufacturing industry is the Milling machines. They are used to shape different workpieces and use rotary cutters. They can be automated to provide the direction of cutting, angle and depth in a material you’re using.

CNC Lathe Machines

This type of machine is used to make highly accuratespherical and conical shaped parts. These cuts are made by using a cutting tool to shave the excess material while the material rotates using turning centers.

CNC Routing Machines

When you learn more about CNC machines, you will find out that CNC routers are quite common in the industry. You can look for these at CNC machining Melbournebased stores.

CNC routers require no human interactions other than the computer interface. They are completely automated by CNC technology. Router machines are usually used to make parts with large dimensions and made with the idea of cutting materials like sheet metal, wood and plastic. They are built on a 3D plane( x,y and z). This 3D build will allow cutting of pocketing, profiles and 3D relief machining.

You can even find CNC routers with up to 6 axes. They are used to rotate the cutting tool around the piece of material that is being worked on. They cut some of the most complex shapes ever.

CNC Plasma Cutters

When it comes to setup and size CNC plasma cutters are very similar to router machines.

However, they don’t require high power like routers because the material isn’t dragged around the cutting tool but instead a plasma torch flies over the material. They can only handle 2D cuts on metal sheets.

CNC Grinders

A CNC grinding machines uses a grinding action to shape the material. The machine uses a wheel that rotates and scrapes the material.

The surface quality of product from CNC grinder are top notch and therefore re used mostly for finishing processes. They are also used for material removal.

CNC Electric Discharge Machines

EDM or Electric Discharge Machining, uses electrical releases to form shapes inside a material. Two anodes produce repeated electrical releases that is used to expel the material from the workpiece. A dielectric liquid is used to separate the anodes.

CNC machining is a big topic and requires special training. This is just a quick read up on the different types of CNC machines. You require a in depth knowledge of manufacturing processes and computer software to handle a CNC process.

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