Different Types of Freight Transportation

There are different types of freight and what mode you choose will depend on your requirements. Freight can be undertaken by air, sea and land. There is also rail transport that comes under land transport. You need to understand the pros and cons of each freight type to understand which suits your business best.

Land freight has a long history. Trucking is the most popular method of land freight. With regards to trucking, there are different types such as FTL, LTL, heavy lifts etc. The prices for each type differ. You will be faced with fewer restrictions when it comes to land freight. There is not much documentation to deal with and the cost of land freight is lower than air and sea freight in most situations. But there are many companies that carry out land freight and therefore, there is a lot of competition. You need to select a freight broker that provides quality services. When compared to other options, the transit time in land freight is longer especially if you are crossing borders. And handling of cargo can be quite difficult with this method. There can also be unforeseen delays when you are crossing borders.

Air freight has the shortest transit time when compared to other modes of transportation. The cargo will be transferred between airports and this makes for a very secure freight option. And there is a high level of monitoring when it comes to cargo handling. You will be able to easily track your shipment and there is a lot more information available regarding the movement of the shipment. There is high coverage when it comes to moving items through the air. But with all of these benefits, you are facing a higher cost. And the cargo size is limited depending on the door size of the cargo freighter. There are also certain restrictions on what is allowed on board the aircraft. There are more restrictions when it comes to passenger aircraft. There are changes in pressure and temperature that can affect the cargo. So for example, you will not be able to ship any explosive or radioactive materials.

Ocean freight is most commonly used when it comes to overseas shipping. Containerised freight is most common but you will also be able to find oil tankers, RORO etc. If your cargo is quite bulky, moving it by sea is easier when compared to air. There are certain restrictions you need to consider when it comes to moving items through the doors of a passenger or freight aircraft. This costs less than shipping through an aircraft and in some cases, it can be cheaper than land freight. There are specialised equipment such as forklifts and cranes that handle cargo in the ocean. It makes for very safe cargo handling. But depending on the route the carrier takes, the transit time can be longer. And this will be normally slower than moving your items by air. There are also certain conditions that you can’t control such as weather fluctuations. Sometimes there can be congestion at the port which can lead to delays.

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