Do You Really Need to Use Aftershave?

As the name implies, aftershave products are what you apply to your skin after shaving. After you shave off your facial hair, you might have cuts scratches or parts of your epidermis is exposed which is likely to be infected when bacteria and other dirt is embedded. The main purpose of aftershave is to sanitize these cuts so they would not be infected. This is the reason why some aftershave stings.

But some alcohol-based aftershaves could be damaging your skin than helping it, especially for prolonged use. Fortunately, there are aftershaves made out of natural moisturizing elements that could still perform the function of alcohol-based aftershaves. Although, aside from sanitizing your skin after shaving, do you really need to use aftershave?

Yes, to soothe your skin

After shaving, your skin would look and feel raw. It could be an uncomfortable feeling. But when you use aftershave, especially a moisturizing one such as an aftershave lotion, this would help soothe your skin. Once your skin is cooled off, your skin would feel less raw and the redness would be lessened.

Yes, to hydrate your skin

Using the right aftershave would keep your skin hydrated. After shaving, your skin would not only look and feel raw, it would also leave your skin feeling dry. When your skin is dry, it could easily get irritated. When your skin is hydrated, it’s a sign that it is healthy and nourished and you would end up with younger looking skin.

Yes, to close your pores

Not only are opened and large pores not pleasant to look at, it also increases the risk of infection and irritation when your pores are open and not thoroughly and properly cleaned. When you use the correct aftershave, your pores can be closed and tighten to reduce the risk of infection and irritation.

Yes, to protect your skin

Aftershaves could also serve as another layer or film of protection to your skin. It acts as a barrier to keep your skin guarded against dirt and other impurities. Aftershave also safeguards your skin especially when you have nicks and scratches which is more open and vulnerable to infection and irritation. Aftershaves come in various forms such as balms, gels and lotions and its viscosity is the perfect coat to protect your skin.

Yes, to promote your skin’s regrowth

When you shave, it will be difficult not to get nicked and the possibility of hurting yourself is likely. Using aftershave will not only sanitize these cuts but will also promote your skin’s regrowth to replace the outer layer of your skin.

Yes, to make your skin smell nice

Aftershaves smell good and having this as a benefit to using one is also perfectly fine because who wouldn’t want their skin to smell nice?

To make sure that you are getting all the benefits of using an aftershave, make sure that you check the label and there are ingredients for moisturizing, for sanitizing (although make sure it is plant-based astringent such as witch hazel), for soothing and for boosting skin immunity.

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