Downsides of Buying Second-Hand Heavy Machinery Attachments

There used to be a time when a construction site or an agricultural farm needed a number of earthmoving types of machinery. As time went by, vehicle manufacturers came up with a solution that made their machinery extremely popular – machinery with attachments.

We all know what they are, but most of us are still choosing second-hand attachments due to the relatively cheap price. In this read, we’re going to tell you why it’s not worth it.

Prolonged Operational Hours

Let’s think of second-hand equipment in the form of an old ax. When a brand new ax is perfectly sharpened with a comfortable grip, the tree can be cut down faster. The second-hand attachment of the ax isn’t like that it’s going to take a longer time.

Time is money when it comes to this industry. Hence, you need to remind yourself that it’s just not worth spending that much longer time when you can finish the work much faster.

The Shortened Life Span of the Equipment

There’s an absolute service period for any machinery. When it comes to machine attachments, the lifespan tends to be decreasing progressively. Usually, it all depends on the first user. You might not be able to preserve the quality given that there isn’t one, to begin with.

All of these complications lead us to one end having to seek replacements. Hence, when you could have saved time and money by investing in brand new attachments, you’d be ending up buying more than one unit when the brand new attachments last much longer.

Being Unable to Attain Expected Excavation/Drill Characteristics

Most drillings and excavations are done according to a plan. The plan is quite detailed in terms of the depth, the depth of the steps, the excavating direction, etc. The same theory applies to earth drilling as well in terms of aspects such as average diameter, average depth, and so on.

A second-hand attachment just might do it once for one time, and you cannot expect them to keep living up to expectations when brand new products would last a lot longer, with preserved quality of work – that’s the power of brand new bucket teeth.

Direct Damage to the Machinery

The pressure exerted by a drilling machine on a digger is always going to be intense. But that doesn’t harm the machine since they don’t receive and residual pressure. This is what happens when you rather choose second-hand attachments. The more you use second-hand attachments, the more would be the damage that the machinery would be undertaking. Given how expensive earthmoving types of machinery are, you surely don’t want to take even a calculated risk on the subject.


Our conclusion is that your machinery attachments should be both brand new and of a reliable brand. You might be able to do some sort of work, but it’s not worth all the trouble the second-hand attachments bring to the table. As a final word of advice, it’s always better to buy via a seller, not the manufacturer since the prices of the manufacturers are always going to be higher.

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