Fabric Design Options for Kids’ Clothes

There are a plethora of fabric designs available that are used for clothing. Different hacks, styles and DIYs have started trending in all age groups and the kids are catching on too. Whether it is rainbow coloured shoelaces on sneakers or cropped jeans kids are starting to have their own trends and styles.

If you enjoy DIY projects then twisting your kid’s clothes to add flair and colour is a challenge accepted. However, the question lies on where to draw inspiration, here are a few neat and smart ideas to jazzing up the fabric’s designs for children’s clothes.

Tie Dye

Yes, the age-old fabric design is back and trending on like never before. Tie Dye is particularly easy once you have got a hang of how to fold the fabric and the colouring to be used. Your child loves the beach?

Why not tie-dye a funky wraparound for them to use. Stained t-shirts? Add in some dye and create a swirl of patterns covering up the stain just right. Since tie-dye is easy to do it makes up for the best fabric design style that looks cool, colourful and trendy.

Cut and sew

Choosing kids clothes can be very risky, they can wear it once and decide they don’t like it anymore. So, what do you do with the throw away pile? If you are good at cutting clothes up and creating something new then this is perfect for you.

If you have a denim dress they don’t like to wear anymore, cut it up and with the on demand fabric printing options available online you can re-create it into a shirt or anything you like. With the added material or pattern, you will be able to create something new and flashy.

Fabric paints it out

Children love painting so why not let them get creative on their own clothes. While this may result in a bit of disaster if unsupervised it can be a fun and enjoyable activity for both you and your child. Give them block prints or easy pattern they can use to reduce the mess.

This is a great idea if you want to re-create worn out clothes or cover up stains. Your kids too will love this idea as they get to wear what they painted. The options are endless on this one and so are the results.

Accessorize from old clothes

This option is re-purposing old fabrics into new accessories that can be teamed up with an outfit. You have a floral print pillow case you no longer use? Why not cut it up add elastic and turn it into a headband.

The lace from a torn blouse can be sewed onto the hem of a plain shirt to add some sass and flair. The easiest is transforming torn jeans into a pair of summer shorts. Sew on different fabric for a pocket and you’ve got a trendy pair of shorts.

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