Five Adventurous Vacation Ideas You Need to Try

Sometimes vacations are just for you to relax and take a break from your everyday routine. But when you need a little extra fun and excitement? Adventure vacations are for those of you who love a little bit of thrill and rush. Take a look at the following examples to see some of the best vacation ideas that you need to try at least once in your life.


Let’s start off with something that can be truly terrifying but at the same time exciting. Skydiving is the activity where you jump from an aircraft followed by a long free fall before you land with a parachute.  This is an activity built just for those who are adrenalin junkies and do not fear heights. Although this looks like a frightening activity, it is something that can improve your mental health in many different ways. The free slow fall can improve your natural impulsive reaction to stress and improves your situational awareness.

Bungee Jumping

This is another activity similar to skydiving. However, instead of jumping from and aircraft, you jump from a very high place – a bridge or a something similar. You are also secured by a rope. So instead of the free fall you will experience in skydiving, the rope pulls you back before you hit the ground.

Apart from the fun and thrill it brings adrenalin junkies, it is also something that can help you get rid of stress, strengthen your muscles and even overcome your fear. If you are up for it, try either a bungee jumping vacation or a skydiving holiday. There are many places for those of you looking for skydiving and for bungee jumping, the cairns jumping is a famous location.


Water skiing is a surface water sport, in which you use a boat or a cable ski over the surface of water. Although this is an activity that you can do for recreation, this activity has many benefits on your physical and mental health including increased coordination and balance, fast metabolism and improved core strength.

If you are new to the whole activity, there are also classes you can take at skiing destinations such as the Skin Ski & Surf Yarrawonga. So, the next time you plan your vacation, you can book some skiing lessons to attend with your friends or family. You get to spend time together, get the adrenalin rush you love and at the same time, learn a new recreational sport.


Not everyone’s idea of adventure is the same. What if you are not an adrenalin junkie or do not really prefer activities that include height? If you just want some new experience and enjoy quality time and a change of scenery, then a safari is a perfect idea.

Safaris allow you to observe animals in their natural habitat. You get to walk side by side with animals and just enjoy the nature around you without the disruptive sounds or noises or the buzz of the people. However, safaris too bring their own level of adventure and are not boring at all. Imagine seeing animals so close to you but unlike at the zoos, they are walking freely around you. If you are a nature lover, try out this activity for your next vacation.


Skiing is not the only thing you can try out in the water. If you love water related activities or staying close to water, you can try canoeing or kayaking too. Canoeing and kayaking takes you trekking the water in a narrow paddle boat. 

While paddling does not engage your body physically like most recreational activities, constant paddling is a great way to increase your arm strength and reduce back pain. If you are looking for an activity that can take your mind off stressful times and bring you relaxation this is the activity for you. If you like treading the water instead of a land adventure, but is not a fan of fast-paced activities, this is for you.

These are some great activities that you can add to your bucket list. Try them out in your next big vacation.

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