Four Things to Consider Before Buying A Pump

Whether you are working on a commercial, industrial or a domestic project, shopping for a pump can often be intimidating. Despite how tech-savvy you are, choosing one option from a vast range can be overwhelming and to make things worse, most high-grade pumps have considerably steeper price tags. If you end up buying the wrong one, you will not only ruin your project, but also will waste a good chunk of money.

There are hundreds of reviews, guides and instructions out there, which explain almost everything about pumps but frankly, no one has time to go through all that. Moreover, this information can come handy only when you making a purchase and that is why most people tend to overlook these lengthy guides. Instead, go through these simple tips to know the most important things you need to know when buying a pump.

Type of media

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a pump is the type of media, which you are planning to pump in/out or transport. All the characteristics of pumps in markets will vary mainly depending on this. In technical terms, you will be looking at media with different viscosities and the more viscous the media, the more difficult the flow through the system.

If you are planning to have separate dependable water waste shredders and screening systems integrated into your primary pump to process, manage and dispose fluids, you will have to be cautious. Different fluids will have different temperature requirements, which needs your attention, and considering all this, you can decide whether to buy centrifugal, positive displacement or another type of pump.

Pump specifications

Considering the type of media and viscosity will help you have a rough idea about power requirements as well as the type of pump but there are other unique specifications that need your attention. For instance, different fluids and media will have different chemical compositions and these can corrode the pump or compromise pump efficiencies in many different ways, even though you have chosen one based on the viscosity.

Choose the right brand

As mentioned before, there is a vast range of options available, however, only a few of them will have a reliable reputation embedded with the brand name. Even though these reputed one can be a bit pricier, it is always a smart move to opt for them instead of choosing cheaper options trying to save a buck. Pumps manufactured by reputed brands will last a longer time and more importantly, they will be able to maintain consistent efficiencies throughout their operations.

Authorized retailers

Although this should be an obvious consideration, most people tend to find cheaper or easier options. When you are buying a pump – whether it is for your home or for an industrial project – make it a rule of thumb to make purchases only from authorized dealers. They will often be able to offer you great deals and more importantly, you will receive exclusive warranties and amazing after-sales support from reputed manufacturers.

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