Gift Ideas for Your Fashionista Friend

We all have that one friend who is the fashionista of the group. They always dress well, have brilliant fashion sense and never fail to impress us with their outfits. But when it comes to choosing gifts for them, it can be hard to meet their taste. Here are some gift ideas you can try when purchasing gifts for fashionistas.

A Shopping Date

Plan a day-out to your favourite shopping mall and surprise your friend with an entire day of shopping. You can do this by yourself or even turn this into a girls’ day-out plus a group gift. Take them to their favourite stores and let them have the entire day to choose, try out and purchase their favourite pieces.


Fashion living girls will never say no to shoes. They may already many pairs of shoes but they will always love another pair to add to their collection. All you need to know is their favourite style. If they are working, a new pair of pumps from a nude shade will do. But if you want to choose a unique gift that will match your friends’ unique sense of style, choose something like a pair of ankle boots, gladiator sandals or some chic sneakers.


Make a makeup collection by buying makeup pieces from their favourite brands. You can make or buy makeup collection, buy a lipstick collection or make a personalised nail-polish collection with their favourite shades. This gift idea will also give you more freedom to customise the gift according to your friend’s taste.


Jewellery can always be used as a sign of friendship. Join your unforgettable friendship together with your friend’s love for fashion in a unique charm bracelet or matching necklaces. You can either buy one or even get a personalised bracelet made. You can also try out some jewelery gift box ideas or jewellery collections.

Self-Care Packs

Self-care collections are becoming more and more popular as a gift. With a quick search online, you can easily find a place to purchase a pack. But, like the makeup box, you can try to create one yourself. Get a cute gift box and add your friend’s favourite beauty products in it. A face mask, facial scrub, some calming essential oils that freshens up the skin, are some of the products you can include.

Accessory Organisers

One of the biggest problems for fashionistas is that they have too many accessories than they can fit into their drawers. Get them accessory organisers so they can store all their belongings in one place. Look up for some makeup organisers or jewellery organisers and you will find some of the most beautiful accessory organisers to choose from.

Take Them to a Fashion Show

Most fashionistas love anything to do with fashion. You don’t have to gift them with fashion items only. Instead, you can take them to see a fashion show, or get them the tickets to one. This does not have to be a grand fashion show either. Take them to a local fashion show, a local fashion collection or modern art display or museum that shows various styles and fashion cultures.

When you have a friend with unique taste, make sure the gift they get is also unique. So, try out these ideas instead of everyday gift vouchers and see how much they’ll love it.

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