Hospital Bag Checklist: 5 Important Things for A New Born

Are you getting ready to meet the wonderful little human inside of you? Packing a hospital bag for the new born is always of top importance on your to-do list. Here’s a bunch of important things that will help you, checklist your packing process.

Baby blanket

Be it a receiving blanket or a swaddling cloth, baby blankets are one of the many important things that need to go into your hospital bag. It helps keep the new born baby warm and cosy as well as acts as a soft shield of protection while moving from hand to hand.

It’s usually considered best to have more than one ready in case of different needs. Having an extra baby blanket in hand could even make for a soft choice of towel.

Pair of mittens and socks

Protect those sweet little hand and legs from the cold or even scratching their own face with tiny baby movements. A new born baby could need all the warmth they can get, as their body temperature is different to ours. While adults use heavy material mittens and socks, soft and supple cotton should be the singular choice of material for your baby.

Organic Baby wear

From little organic baby beanies and onesies to organic baby singlets and going-home outfits, pack all the baby wear you would need according to the weather conditions inside the hospital room as well as your geographic location. A baby’s skin is extremely sensitive when they’re a new born and needs extra care and attention while being dressed. Baby clothes made of organic cotton are the best way to go when it comes to clothing and protecting your new born infant.

Baby nappies

While diapers are a common and ideal choice, the harsh chemicals in it won’t make it the healthiest choice. It’s much safer to go with a cotton nappy. Using a nappy would help avoid any skin irritation or heat as well as keep your little one feeling comfortable and light. You could choose between disposable nappies or even reusable ones. You would know if the nappy needs change a lot quicker than if a diaper needs change, which helps keep your baby fresh and in a better mood more frequently.

Baby wipes

When it comes to baby wipes, it’s important to select a clinically formulated one over a fragrant set of wipes in order to maintain the natural pH balance of your baby. The sensitivity of a new born baby’s skin, especially in such areas, should be treated with utmost care.

Just like diapers, the chemical strength of fragrant wipes can cause irritation, rashes or other skin discomfort. The right set of wipes would be of great help to you in taking of your little one without such worries.

There’s so much more that needs to go into your hospital bag to ensure your baby receives the best of comfort. However, the five we’ve mentioned above is of real importance that one cannot afford to forget.  Wouldn’t you agree?

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