How Athletes Can Benefit from a Visit to the Podiatrist

For an athlete, the proper health of their feet is very important when it comes to furthering their sports career and maintaining a high quality of life. Their feet take a lot of beating so it is necessary to take steps to ensure they are in good shape. A podiatrist will be able to provide recommendations on how to avoid injury as well. 

If you are a runner or your sport required a lot of running, it is best to have an experienced podiatrist to visit in your local area who will be able to provide you with the best care when it comes to maintaining your feet. There is a lot of force that is going to travel through the bones in your leg and connective tissue when your feet hit the ground during running. This action can cause aches and pain for the runner when feet are not maintained properly. You need to know how to prevent future injuries. A podiatrist will be able to inform you of preventative action that can be taken to improve the health of your feet such as assessing your sports shoes, recommending which shoes to wear and providing suggestions for orthotics that will improve the comfort of your feet.

If you are someone who has an active lifestyle or is an athlete who has diabetes, visits to the podiatrist is essential. This is because diabetes is a disease that can contribute to a lot of foot issues. Some of the complications that can occur are diabetic neuropathy where you lose sensation of the lower legs and feet gradually and PAD where you have a reduced blood flow to the legs which will affect the healing time for even minor cuts. You need to check your feet regularly and consult the podiatrist for any irregularity. Corns and calluses are known to be common for athletes but this shouldn’t be treated lightly. The thickened sections of the skin can gradually build up over time and this can cause pain. These are essentially dead layers of skin. A podiatrist will be able to help you manage these calluses and recommend orthotics or better footwear to prevent their re-occurrence.

If you notice any discolouration in your feet, it is best to get it checked by a podiatrist as it can be an indication of melanoma which is skin cancer. So you need to be aware of the condition of your feet and be able to spot unusual moles or discolouration at the early stages. Your observational skills and attention to detail can save your life.  Another issue that you should immediately see a podiatrist for is numbness in feet. This is a sign of a much bigger issue so you need to get it checked right away. There are also a lot of nail issues that can occur in athletes and some of the common issues are ingrown nails or fungal infections. It is best to treat these minor issues right away to manage your pain and alleviate it. If left untreated, you will experience more pain and it can affect your training as well.

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