How Often Should You Clean Your Aquarium?

A clean aquarium not only looks great but also keeps the fish healthy and happy.  The waste materials of fish may contain various toxic substances. When these get accumulated in the tank not only it alters the water in the tank it can negatively affect the health of fish. As we know filters are a device with is used to keep the tank clean.  Here’s your guide to everything you need to know about cleaning your aquarium.

The cleaning of the tank depends on many factors, including the size of the aquarium, the number of fish, the type of fish, and your filtration system. Have a regular cleaning schedule.


You don’t have to clean your tank every day, but always keep an eye on the tank.  Just watch them for a while to make sure they are behaving normally, not breathing or being lazy. If so, you may need a partial water change, no matter how much time has passed since the last water change.


Changing water for average size tanks can be beneficial for the health of the fish.  To do this, remove about a quarter of the volume of water in the tank and replace it with pure water.  You can use a scraper or sponge to clean any decorations in the aquarium and an aquarium vacuum cleaner to clean the gravel and remove dirt and debris.


It is important to monitor the levels of ammonia, nitrates and pH in the aquarium, and once a month is sufficient.  Some signs of a water problem may include cloudiness, discoloration, or unusual fish behavior. Also don’t forget to clean the filter.

Every 6 months

Twice a year the tank and all associated equipment should be thoroughly cleaned.  This means turning everything off and checking to make sure it’s in good condition, including filters, pumps, lighting, etc.

Few steps of cleaning your fish tank. Turn off the heater and filter and, if using, the air lock. You should first remove any decorative items if present. Then you should clean the glass of the tank for this you can use fish tank glass cleaner. After that you can remove some water and dispose it later. You can also use a suction device to suck all the dirt from the bottom of the tank. Also make sure you wash all the decorative items including artificial plants.

Rinse the filter pad thoroughly with clean, cold water. Replace the filters, decorations and artificial plants in the aquarium again. Pour the bucket containing the aquarium tank into the sink.  Then fill the bucket with tap water and use a thermometer to adjust the water temperature to match the temperature in the tank. Follow the directions on the product to add the water softener and aquarium salt.  If your aquarium is less than 4 months old, you will also need to add live bacteria supplements.

Make sure the salt is completely dissolved and stir well.  Resist the temptation to turn on the lights right away.  Avoid keeping the tank in direct soon after cleaning.

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