How to Create the Perfect Modern Office

Are you planning to renovate and refurbish your office? Or have you just moved your company to a different building and has no idea where to start? Designing the interior of an office is a little different than designing the interior of a house. So, when you plan your designs and add creative elements, you also need to think of how you can create a healthy and friendly environment that can increase the productivity within the office. Take a look at the following to see how you can do that.


Opening up the space is one of the main things to think of when you are planning the interior. The amount of open space will decide almost all other elements in interior designing including the furniture placement, lighting and creative decorations.

If your office building has large floor or rooms, creating a spacey office is not that difficult. But if the space is small, you have to be a little tricky about placing your cubicles, partitions, furniture and machinery. If you are not sure about how to increase the space in a small room you can always consult an interior designer or a commercial outfits service in Brisbane to help you out.

Add Enough Lighting

In order to create an area that is spacey and not crammed, proper lighting is essential. If you are to create an office that is not gloomy, but instead is more employee friendly and gives a relaxed vibe, then there needs to be adequate lighting.

You can do this by allowing natural light with the use of your windows. Natural light is also known to make people more productive and happier. Adding glass partitions is also a good way of increasing the light within a space. Glass partitions would mean that several spaces can share light sources and that there is minimum obstruction in dispersing the light.

Mood Boasting Elements

This is a new development in office spaces. An office space needs to be a place where employees prefer to work at and not a place that gives them a sense of boredom or stress. There are several elements that you can add to the office to enhance the employee experience within the office. This includes decoration elements such as plants, nature features, artwork on walls. It could also mean something like an office pet which can boost the good mood of your employees.


Branding the office area is a good way to connect your work space to your business goals. There are various ways to do this through your interior design. You may have already braded your office stationary such as your pens or files or the computer desktop. But extend this to the space around you for example; you can use the primary brand colours for your walls.

If your colours are too dark to be used everywhere, focus on one wall or one room like customer waiting area. If colours are too excessive, you can also add your logo to a wall. Once again this would fit well on a wall which is visible to your guests, such as a wall near the receptionist desk.

A good office space is one that is both creative and functional. It will boost the mental health of your employees and as a result will make them a better work force.

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