How to Have A Dream Homecoming

As a married couple, as time passed by, living in a joint family under one roof got difficult. Mainly because the generation was growing, and there wasn’t sufficient space to accommodate all the family members. Hence, each family only got one room. 

It was a weighty decision for me to decide to live separately after spending the entire life in this house. Each cell being aware and realizing how many memories these walls have treasured, it was almost impossible to move out.

However, we decided to spend a few years in a rented apartment. The atmosphere had changed, but not so majorly as were limited with only one room, though we had the whole house to ourselves, which gave us more space. I used to work twelve hours a day to support my family. On our 20th anniversary, I decided to surprise my wife. 

We drove off about a 5km radius and parked outside a house. Confusing as it seemed to my partner, curiosity was written all over her face. We walked towards that house. To sound a bit filmy, I recreated our proposal moment, but this time it was a key instead of a ring. She accepted the key and unlocked the house. 

Undoubtedly, it was one of the most significant moments in our lives as partners. She burst into tears, realizing her dreams became a reality. 

I spent half a year working on our floor plan with an architect. The specialty of this new home is, it is not missing out on anything. The main house is built in a modern and high-level way that meets my wife’s dreams, while one section is an exact replica of my home. After all, home is where the heart is.

Upon finalizing the plan with the architect, I got in touch with custom house builders. That’s the best part of building a home based on the owner’s idea; any fusion is allowed without a single objection. They took over the project and gave me the desired outcome. I was pretty impressed by seeing my idea turn into an actual 3D space. It took almost two years to complete the project.

The story dates back to marriage. My wife was born and brought up in a village. Though, she had glowing imaginations of transforming her life one day. Even after our wedding, our struggles were hard, but she never complained.

Her support was unmeasurable, as she made a small room also feel like a complete home. One of her greatest dreams was to own a house. That is what motivated me to strive harder and achieve it for her. However, I had a vast learning curve when it comes to building a new home. Continue reading as I would like to highlight the fundamental aspects for you all. 

Things to remember when building a custom home:

Assess and evaluate your idea. It is a tremendous investment, after all.

Have a clear vision of the structure of the house.

Hire the right people. Whether it be an architect or a builder, choose wisely. Fortunately, I had a good bunch of people working for me.

Think about the furniture and fittings as it will be required in the early designing stage. 

Most importantly, be cautious that mistakes will happen. One should have a positive attitude to tackle it. Moreover, also pre-plan an alternative for foreseeable obstacles.

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