How to Select a 4WD Underbody Water Tank?

Water is a valuable commodity when you are travelling in off-road conditions or when you are between destinations in your vacation. So you need to make sure that you carry a sufficient amount of water for all occupants. When you are camping in the middle of nowhere, you can’t be sure of the water you find in streams or pools for drinking. This is where an underbody water tank can come in useful.

When you are self-sufficient, you don’t need to worry about issues that can come up during the trip. But you need to calculate how much water will be consumed by a person each day and how much water is required for cooking purposes, plumbing, washing, refilling the radiator etc. If there are water sources in your route, you can use this water for washing and use the water in your tank for drinking and cooking. There are many options that you can look into when storing water such as PVC pipes, jerry cans, water bladders and built in 4WD water tanks. When it comes to options excluding underbody water tanks, there is a setting up procedure that you will have to carry out each time. You will need to do this every time you travel. But with a water tank, you can install one or more tanks that will fit your vehicle and it can be filled when you are going on a trip.

There are stainless steel and poly water tanks. The latter is a cheaper option but stainless steel tanks are tougher and can endure harsh conditions. As the water tank is fixed below the vehicle, there can be instances where rocks or any objects on the ground can scrape the containers. With a container that is not very strong, there is a higher chance of tearing. But this depends on where you are driving as well. If you are driving in fairly good conditions, then you may not need a stainless steel tank. It is best to carry two water tanks to minimise the risk of contamination. You can use a stainless steel tank for drinking water and a poly tank for other uses. These tanks can be stored in other areas of the vehicle as well.

You need to store water tanks at a lower level as it will not add weight above the centre of gravity of the vehicle. An underbody water tank will not interfere with the centre of gravity. You need to make sure that installing it is practical when it comes to the make and model of your vehicle.

The capacity of the water tank will depend on your requirement. It is always best to calculate a little higher than what you need to prevent any shortages. Some people tend to think that plastic tanks are not safe to store water. But this is not an issue if it is BPA-free polyethylene plastic. Make sure that you clarify this with the supplier. You need to clean the water tank routinely as well.

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