Manager vs. Software: Why Automated WFM Technology Is Better

Running a department where a number of calls come and go can be quite a complicated task. The more efficient you want it to become, the more would be the resources and effort needed.

This read helps you identify the better solution between a WFM manager and software and understand why it becomes better. That way, you can make your decision without second thoughts about choosing software solutions.

Employee Benefits and Incentives Are Too High

The global COVID-19 pandemic is not going anywhere anytime soon. In a background like this, taking measures to cut off as many expenses as possible is the right thing to do. When you calculate all the salary benefits and other incentives that a WFM manager gets, it would be quite fair to be paid like that given the job role.

But if the software can fulfill a better task, ruling out all those benefits, wouldn’t that retain greater capital? After all, why should you pay more when you can get a better job for a lower cost?

Forecasts Cannot Be as Accurate As AI-Powered Software

Scheduling is a job that requires forecasting the workload. But that’s not all of it; the analysis of the employee performance is the other side of it. Even if WFM managers learn and gather experience on how to do a better job at forecasting both of these aspects, they just won’t be as good as well functioning software.

When a contact centre workforce management software is able to categorize and identify weeks and weeks of workload and schedule the most suitable employee considering a number of skills, a manager might be struggling to do it. That’s why software always trumps WFM managers.

An End to Favoritism

A company should be able to keep the employees happy; if not, the manages is a failure. But sometimes, the company is taking all the steps to keep the employees happy, but everything falls short because the WFM managers are exploiting the minds of the employees with favoritism.

This is yet another office issue that has the power to disintegrate strong departments and even taking that risk is not recommended at all. Hence, when you implement the WFM software, all the scheduling and whatnot happen solely based on the employee performance and individual capacities and not who brings a bottle of scotch at the end of the week for the manager.

Presence of Operations That Require Software Anyhow

There are some operations that simply cannot be fulfilled by a human; call and screen recording, automated workflow, and anything based on AI. If you’re paying for software, should you really pay that much for a manager? Better yet, you can simply hire a manager to just monitor operations as the head of the department for less than half the current salary when the software does everything else.

Reliability of the Service Providers

Nothing of this sort will be useful if they could not be implemented. Thanks to well-reputed WFM software companies, all these requirements can be fulfilled for a very affordable price with the highest guarantee.

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