Mistakes to Avoid on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Smooth running of it with no errors and mistakes is every couple’s dream. However, since a wedding is a collection of many aspects, there are plenty of things that could go wrong, so here are some pointers.

The couple does not get involved equally

The involvement of both the members in wedding planning and organizing is extremely important. Very often, couples get frustrated with each other due to the lack of participation from one party and this leads to quarrels. Rather, each should bring a different point of view, and this combination is responsible for the satisfaction of both parties

Failure to send invitations on time

This is one of the most common planning mistakes, whether you order the cards or make them yourself. Avoid the absence of the people you want to accompany you on that day. If your wedding is held in winter, two or three months in advance will be enough to send the invitations, but if they coincide with the holiday season, it is important to do so in advance since your guests must have time to organize the dates and avoid that they coincide with their vacation plans.

Not being precise in the details of the banquet

Everything must be signed in the contract and then you will avoid misunderstandings. For that reason the proof of the menu is very important for the catering or the restaurant to fulfill the wedding banquet that you expect. It is necessary to be clear about all aspects, in terms of quality, quantity of the dishes that will be served, bottles of wine and water provided, open bar services, etc. 

Not having professionals

It is your wedding day, a special and unrepeatable day and hence it is not advisable to take risks. Hiring professionals who comply with the entire agreed budget is the most recommended. If something unforeseen arises, such people can handle the situation well and will keep everything under control. 

Professionals in catering, décor, hair and makeup, music and entertainment and every other aspect is vital for the success of the event. Also, your wedding might get boring if you don’t hire a professional master of ceremonies. A professional like MC Gian Blundo will be a great fit for you.

Not making a realistic budget

It is essential to carefully review the budget for the wedding, take into account the expenses of that irresistible whim, and have a fund for contingencies. Sometimes it is paid before the ceremony or 24 hours later, it will depend on the contracted company. 

\If you hire a wedding planner and tell him or her your set budget, they can get it done for you. If you’re selecting the vendors, make sure you do not give in to too many desires and cravings. The fancy and expensive chocolate fountain may not be as needed as you think it may. Stick to your budget as you should not start your wedded life in crushing debt.

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