Planning a Hens’ night for a conventional bride

Planning a hens’ night can be a fun experience at the same time it can be a tedious task to get everything organized to the detail. If you are generally a person who gives attention to details and are good with planning, then organizing a hens’ party may be right in your ally. However, if you are not a person who gives attention to details and are not necessarily good at planning and organizing, this may sound like an overwhelming task. It is absolutely important that you know what kind of work that is required of you when planning a party of this caliber. You might be planning this for a friend, family member or a colleague, for whoever it may be, it is important to know the likes and dislikes of the bride to be. When you talk about hens’ nights some girls want to go all out and have a crazy night partying with friends, while some girls would like to have a quieter and gentler time spent with their friends maybe with a movie and a bottle of wine. Therefore, it is first and foremost important to know the nature of the bride to be before planning her hens’ night.

Having a male stripper perform is one of the most common traditions followed at hens’ parties. However, if the bride is a person who doesn’t like to have a male stripper present at her hens’ party it can put you in quite a pickle. For an instance, it may make the other girls attending a bit bored an unenthusiastic about the hens’ night. As a suitable remedy you can suggest to may be look up topless waiters for hens’ party and come across many websites of companies who would provide such services.  By making this choice you are compromising between the concerns of the bride and the needs of other attendees and coming to a most suitable conclusion for entertainment of the party.

You can also incorporate things that the bride likes and create a theme out if her desires for the hens’ night. Therefore, when at first sight when she walks in, she will get a sense of happiness to see all of the things that she admires being the central theme of the party. Not only will she then feel comfortable, but she would also feel very special.

If she is one who would not enjoy drinking games, you can creatively incorporate traditional games like truth or dare, spin the bottle and few other games with a twist. You can use fruit punch instead of booze and still keep the fun alive. One of the ways you can add a fun spin to the party is by creating a cool playlist. Get all the girls to contribute by selecting their favourite songs and create a playlist that can be enjoyed by everyone. Do not forget to get the party going with lots of dancing, gossip, and food. By being creative you can have a fun hens’ night planned even for the most conventional thinking bride to be.

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