Professional pointed out mistakes to avoid with wedding flowers

The wedding is one of the most important milestones of a person’s life. Thus, every single aspect related to this event should be handled with great care. The influence of flowers on the overall event is one such aspect.

Since you probably don’t have that much experience with wedding flowers, it’s always better to hear what the professionals have to say; what the professionals point out as choosing mistakes you need to avoid.

Not inquiring how soon you should make an order

Not all floral companies have enough stocks, nor delivery resources. On the flip side, there can be a number of clients they juggle on daily basis. But there is a handful of floral shops that are dedicated to getting the flowers delivered to you on the same exact day of your ordering. But since it’s a wedding, it’s much convenient to keep them posted on your choices and the day you need them well beforehand, so you won’t have to settle for what’s available.

Disregarding the chances of flower type intermixing

One of the biggest mistakes that most wedding planners make is sticking to one type of flower. For example, the entire design of the venue, what the bride and the bride’s maids would hold would be of the same type of flower. This doesn’t have to be that way given that you can always find the same-colored flowers but of different types. If your considered floral shop doesn’t seem to have enough options, you should know that the problem is with the inventory of the shop.

Not sticking to a color palette

Should you stick to a single color at a wedding? The short answer is no. The longer answer goes like this. Any color has sets of colors that work in harmony in designs. This is the fundamental color selection criterion in designing. Thus, even if you were choosing different types of flowers but the same color by choice, it’s never a bad idea to consider a color palette.

This sort of color palette is quite helpful to highlight and diminish some areas and people of a wedding. Working in synchronization with the other design elements, sticking to a workable color palette is one of the best ways to escalate the floral aspect in a wedding.

Settling down for questionable companies

Not all companies have the same quality of flowers. While some function as retailers, some companies obtain their resources straight from the gardens. On such occasions, it is always mindful to explore a company thoroughly before making a purchase. In doing so, you’d be averting the chances for massive disappointments that are just not worth handling on one of the most special days of your life.


Planning a wedding can be stressful, and that’s probably why you have a wedding onboard. But if you do not communicate these needs to them, they can’t read your mind. Thus, be sure to communicate well and make better decisions; especially in the department related to the floral needs.