Reasons to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

Many of us have experienced wisdom tooth discomfort. It can be worse for certain people depending on how the wisdom teeth are positioned so in that case, removal will be recommended by the dentist. Wisdom teeth in early adulthood and can cause a lot of discomfort. There are situations where they can give rise to sinus problems, jaw alignment issues etc.

It is not necessary for every person to remove their wisdom teeth if there is no discomfort. If your wisdom teeth are healthy and they have erupted and cleared the gums completely, then you will not need to go ahead with the removal. If the wisdom teeth are positioned in the right place and your bite is not affected, you can keep them in with the recommendation of your dentist. But you have to make sure that you are able to reach and brush your wisdom teeth. Most of the time, the rest of your teeth can be affected by the wisdom teeth as there is no space in your mouth. When there is not sufficient space for the wisdom tooth, it will grow at certain angles and cause a lot of discomfort. Sometimes, the tooth can be hidden in the gums and never erupt. This can cause it to become impacted and it can give rise to infection as well. Sometimes, when the teeth are trapped within, the bone support can be affected as well.

Wisdom teeth removal Doncaster can be done when the tooth has erupted partially as well. This can make it hard for you to clean the tooth. When this happens, it can contribute to the accumulation of food particles and bacteria in this spot causing an oral infection. When the wisdom teeth erupt, they can cause an adjustment to the existing position of teeth. When there are overcrowding and bite problems, the dentist will recommend removal. If you go without treatment, the rest of the teeth will suffer more changes and you may need to have additional procedures to straighten them out as well. When you have pain in your jaw, there is a possibility of damage to the jawbones. This can affect how your mouth functions. When the teeth grow impacted in the jaw, the jawline and the other teeth can shift. You will feel pain even when you open your mouth.

There will be swelling of gums when wisdom teeth erupt at a different angle. You will not be able to brush properly. You can also experience certain sinus problems when there are impacted wisdom teeth. You will experience some pressure and congestion and this may not pass until the removal. Pain is the main symptom you will experience. When you experience pain, you need to see a dentist right away to rule out any complications. It is best to diagnose issues and treat them early so that you don’t need to suffer more pain and go through more procedures. You may feel pain when you are brushing the back of your mouth and this is something that can indicate eruption of wisdom teeth.

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