Reasons Why Onewheel is Popular

Since the start of the pandemic, social distancing is already the normal trend for usually crowded places. Nowadays, people have been looking for alternative ways to travel without getting into crowded commutes to decrease their risk of getting the virus along the way.

Solo mode of transport has become more popular lately such as motorcycle, bicycle, and scooters. However, there is still another one that would be a great alternative for travelling these days, especially when it’s not a really long commute; it is the Onewheel hoverboard.

This hoverboard works like a skateboard, however, it only has a single wheel in the middle. The rider will stand up on the board while smoothly cruising through the road. Many people consider Onewheel as a worthy investment because of its amazing functions and features. Here are some of the best reasons that made Onewheel really popular.

Easy, Hands-free Balancing

Unlike the bicycle and scooter, Onewheel doesn’t need to be controlled by any handles or pedals making it a lot convenient to control especially when you need to carry something else in your hands. It’s easy to learn how to balance on Onewheel. Once you get the hang of it, you can now easily cruise wherever you want to go.

Flexible on Any Surface Type

Most wheeled devices are only good for smooth surfaces. However, Onewheel can run on almost any surface and terrain without disrupting the rider’s balance and reducing its efficiency. Whether you need to go through grassy, rocky, or any uneven surfaces, your Onewheel can definitely drive through it. Although it won’t be as smooth unlike when running over concrete, it could still support the rider’s weight and keep it stable while running.

Variety of Styles and Colours

You never need to worry about not finding a style that suits your preferences. Onewheel products come in a wide variety of colours, designs and styles; you could definitely find one that you’ll surely love when buying a Onewheel in Australia. Aside from the functionality, you can also express your style and personality through your Onewheel hoverboard.

Fair Price

A lot of hoverboards in the market are really expensive because of the new technology that has been installed in it. Although Onewheel products aren’t that cheap, you can be sure that you’re getting the most of your money’s worth when you choose this brand among the rest. It has build-up its reputation for several years now, providing quality and durable hoverboards at the best and fair price for everyone.

Lasts Long On the Road

Onewheel hoverboards are powered by rechargeable batteries. Before you could go out for a ride, you need to charge it first for a significant amount of time. However, once it is full, it could take you for a significant distance without having to worry about running out of power along the way. Be sure to take some spare fully charged batteries so it has something to switch to when the others are already used up.

With all those perks you could enjoy from Onewheel, maybe it’s time to consider getting one for yourself.

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