Scrapbooking Tips and Ideas for Beginners

Scrapbooking has become a popular hobby once again. But where do you get started and what do you need? For those of you, who are really new to this craft, keep reading to find out what you can do and what you need to get started.

Get Your Book

Firstly, you need a book. You have a couple of options. You can get a scrapbook from a store and keep adding to these papers. Or you can get separate papers, organise them to an order you prefer and then bind them together to make your customised book.

You can also get a folder and keep adding pages to it. Think of what works the best for you. For example, if you are adding your baby’s photos as they grow up, a doing pages one by one is a good idea. But if you are trying to organise pictures you already have, getting a separate book will be better.

Pick Your Theme

Then, you need to have a theme. Are you going to just make a journal with a picture collection or will you have a theme? You can make it an album of photos and make it a collection of memories. You can have a story them; such as a photo collection and important milestones from your college days or tracking your new-born baby’s life as they grow up.; a collection of notes and images about your favourite books or collections of your own photographs with some of your writings. It is your book so you can pick anything.

Choose What Pictures to Include

Although this can be a collection of memories and photos you don’t need to add every photo in your phone’s gallery. Choose the most suitable ones. This goes the same if you are including other images.

You might already have a collection of pictures, but don’t stuff them all in the first few pages. Instead, spread them out. And there is no need to include every single one of your pictures. Get photos that are taken at the best angles with the best lightings and trim the ones that are too large for your pages.

Decide a Design

The design or the layout inside will keep the images curated and neat. If it is going to be images only, then you can pick a good way to make a mini photo gallery; do you have only a small number of photos? Then keep one photo on one page.

If you have a lot, you can add multiple on a page. There are also themes such as Halloween theme or graduation theme that you can try depending on the kind of photos and memories you plan to include. There are also more known themes and layouts such as Becky Higgins project life that you can adopt.

Get the Right supplies

What are the tools you need to scrapbooking? Cutting tools such as paper cutters and good scissors, papers and cardstock, tape runner adhesive, stickers, colour pens and pencils and minimal embellishments are some of the firs things you need to gather. Most things you can buy at a crafts store but there are also things that you can find around the house – old wrapping paper, pieces of lace clothes, old pieces or threads and codes are some items that you can easily find.

Once you have all the right supplies, you are ready to go. Remember that it is your book so if you don’t like it, you can change it. So, stop being nervous about it and start your crafting.

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