Spice Up Your Bedroom with Sex Toys

Sex is good, agreed. But the same sex for years can be a bit boring, yes? After you try every sex position under the sun, what is next? If you have been thinking about it, and all you needed was a little push to try sex toys with your partner, then this it. Try them! I only say this because in the rest of the article I attempt to elaborate how to use sex toys safely.

Rule number one is that it is probably (almost definitely) not a good idea to share sex toys with other people besides you and your trusted partner. This is because STD’s can spread this way. Almost all, if not all, sex toys are washable. So, make sure you wash them regularly as a practice of good health.  You can go the extra mile and put a condom on your sex toys too. That way it is even more hygienic, as long as you change the condom of course. You can, if you wanted to, keep different sex toys for each partner.

And here is something you should not forget: If it goes in your anus, Use. Lube. The anus is not naturally lubricating so unless you or your partner wants to get hurt, try to avoid lube-less anal with sex toys. You also have to keep in mind the material of the sex toy you are going to use and also keep up with what works and doesn’t with said material. Some lubrication gels may react with certain kind of plastics. The best way for you to know how to use them safely is to read the instructions that come with it. If all else fails and you want to be on the really safe side, a quick google search can give you more information and even provide you reviews!

Also, a quick tip, do not use do it yourself sex toys. Just do not. Because it is really hard to get it right and if you didn’t make it properly there is a big chance you might hurt yourself. And when you get sex toys, make sure you get them from reliable sources, read the labels and instructions. On that note,it is best if you avoid porous material because they are more likely to absorb germs. Instead go for completely silicone or metal, plastic, glass sex toys. Just as a heads up: Silicone, stainless steel, borosilicate glass and Lucite are material you should be fine using and jelly, rubber, PVC and vinyl you should avoid. As mentioned earlier, having a condom on the sex toy is a very hygienic way to use them.

There is nothing to fear about sex toys. There are all sorts of them too. From dildos to vibrators to anal beads, harnesses, flesh lights and the list goes on forever (There are a lot of sex toys out there). Try them. You might even find your niche. Plus, it is a great way to make sex a lot more interesting.

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