Steps to Follow Before Leaving Your Dog in A Day Care Center

So, you have made the wise and brave decision to leave your dog in a doggy day care centre. But before you entrust your beloved pooch to them, no matter how qualified and professional they are, it would not hurt for you to double check and follow the items listed below:

Check the facilities

This is one of the first things you must do when you are looking for a doggy day care centre. Don’t feel embarrassed or don’t think that you are being demanding just because you wanted to see the facilities because most day-care owner or manager knows that you are feeling anxious and dubious on whether their centre is the best for your pooch.

Chances are they are used to giving tours to pet parents that your request would not be unnatural. Once you begin a tour of the facilities, check the safety features of the place. Of course, you would not want to hear the devastating news that your canine ran away because of a faulty fence or because someone left the gate open. This is a main concern but still don’t choose a doggy day care centre where it would feel like your dog is in prison. If you feel stuffed and suffocated, your dog would feel the same too.

Assess the staff’s interaction with the dogs

We all have heard and at times even got into a heated debate about cats and dogs. Naturally, you would want the staff in the doggy day care centre to be dog people so their care and interaction with your pooch would be natural and affectionate in nature.

This is of course, important especially if you would be leaving your dog with them for a period when you are travelling. How to make sure they are dog people? You could see how they interacted with the dogs left in their care and how the dogs respond to them. Also, if their company tagline and description is we love dogz, that is an encouraging factor.

Ask about the groupings

When you leave your dog in a dog day care centre, chances are they are not the only client, no matter how big or small the centre is, they would surely have other regular customers. Ask the owner or the manager on how the dogs are grouped. If they are not grouped together, you have to bail especially if there are numerous dogs left in the centre because it might mean that the centre is understaffed as well.

Every dog is different in size and in temperament. Your pampered teacup yorkie might not go along well with adult golden retrievers and huskies who are big in size and would want rough horse playing. Your poor yorkie might end up getting crushed if not grouped with same sized dogs.

You could also ask about the centre’s policy when it comes to toys and treats because your dog might be used to getting treats at a certain time or they are not used to sharing their toys. Knowing all of these would assure that you and your dog would not have any issue with the doggy day care centre that you have chosen.

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