Straws for Toddlers: What’s Important?

Had your toddler started using a drinking straw like a pro? Here are somekey things to look for when it comes to toddler safe straws.

Safe Material

Toddler straws need to be made from the safest material you can find on the planet! Anything that comes into contact with your toddlers’ skin, the mouth in particular, has to be of the safest kind. Anything that reaches her mouth could get into her body in no time.

Thus, it is not just hygiene that matters, but the fact that you find non-toxic straws in terms of the material they are made from. Thus, you would want to hunt for a couple that are made from the best possible material there is, which shall ensure complete safety of kids.

Structure & Design

When you opt for material like silicone for instance, the product isn’t only safe in terms of material, but also in terms of structure. As you know, anything made of silicone is flexible and gentler to touch than material like plastic or wood. Thus, there is little or no chance for your little one to get hurt by a straw as long as it’s made from material like silicone.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning eventually becomes an endless job to most moms, and at one point, they would even start calling it a nightmare. As for straws, the anxiety about hygiene only doubles, and therefore, it is best to look for items that are perhaps the easiest to clean!


While most toddlers and kids often get fascinated by the idea of using a straw, some can be the complete opposite and reject it straight away! In such cases, moms would want to focus on getting items that are a little attractive and eye catching perhaps, particularly to those of a toddler. Vibrant and cheerful colours, and pretty designs prove to be quite effective in convincing fussy those fussy little ones.

Reasonable/ Affordable

It isn’t absurd for you to take a look at the price tags. Ideally, you would be aware about what you spend and on what, and also determine if something is worth its price. This does not change even when it comes to something as little as a straw. For instance, you may find incredibly fancy items in new designs, but are priced quite high, and above all, do not really meet the key requirements, such as safety. Therefore, it is never a bad idea to pay attention to the prices of these items, no matter how little!


Items like straws can easily be misplaced. Moms can sometimes lose track of things and misplace tiny items like straws. Such scenarios are completely common. This is why you might want to have a couple of extras – just in case! It is always a good idea to have extra straws and spoons (of the same type) kept away safely so you can pull them out when necessary.


Make sure all straws are stored safely, in a very clean spot. This is basically the only rule when it comes to storing these little items – just make sure they are kept clean! Also make it a point to wash/clean them thoroughly before you hand them to your little one, every single time. 

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