The Best Ways to Consume Kava

A powder made from the roots of the Piper methysticum plant is used in typical Pacific Island ceremonies to make a potent sedative drink with sedative and euphoric effects. However, there are other approaches to take this natural anxiety cure, such as kava root tea, foods, tablets, and tinctures, many of which are more toxic than others. Continue reading to learn about the best way to consume this plant. Learn how complex methods of producing root extract can be related to negative health outcomes.

Kawa Coffee and Tea

Some of the most popular ways to consume this Polynesian natural remedy are kava coffee and tea. Some people claim that brewing the root or traditional kava root powder to make coffee or tea kills the herb’s most active components. Mixing it into a beverage of choice to make kava juice, on the other side, is easy and results in a smooth and soothing beverage.

Another downside of kava instant coffee or similar techniques of consumption is that the consumer does not have control over the amount of kavalactones in the drink. Kavalactones are substances that are thought to reduce anxiety and produce a sense of relaxation. If the drink contains insufficient kavalactones, it may have no effect.

Powder Form

The powder type of kava kava is yet another efficient and easiest way to ingest it for anxiety. Micronized kava is similar to conventional powders, but it is finer pulverized and can be combined with water or fruit juice. This form of ingestion with powder should be chugged rapidly to avoid sediment settlement. It’s a smart option to stir the drink every now and then if you’re drinking it slowly. The use of coconut milk or fresh fruit as a chaser will help to scrub away the earthy flavour of the root.

Capsules and Pills

There are two main benefits of using kava pills as a form of administration. The first advantage is that this approach does not necessitate time-consuming herb processing or in-depth knowledge of how to make kava. The second benefit is that kava capsĀ contain a documented and calculated amount of concentrate, making them one of the safest ways of consumption with a lower risk of severe health consequences. Furthermore, pills and capsules disguise the flavour of the root, making it more appealing to consumers.


A tincture is a liquid version of an herbal extract offered in small bottles. A dropper may be used to position small quantities under the tongue. Some people who experience discomfort when consuming the plant extracts find that a tincture applied under the tongue is more tolerable.

Another form of concentrate is kava dabs, which are produced using CO2 processing. It is important to note that the amount of kavalactones in tinctures and dabs is very high, so only a limited amount can be used. Liquid forms of the extract are often more effective than other methods, and consumers can only take a small amount.

Blending the mixture into a liquid of choice is a great starting point for first-time users to consume this herbal cure. Kava coffee or extracts combined with milk, as well as tinctures applied to a cocktail, are strong and should be ingested with caution. For those who dislike the taste of the root, pills and capsules may be the best way to reap its benefits without any difficulty.

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