The Cordless vs Corded Battle: Which Type of Power Tool Is the Best?

With the introduction of cordless devices, corded devices are fading away but it’s this true when it comes to power tools?

The answer is No, the above statement may be true when it comes to mobile devices and other type of electronics but for power tools the choice depends on the user and the situations the tool will be used in.

Let’s check out the advantages and disadvantages of each type and see why someone would prefer one over the other.

Corded Power Tools

When it comes to industrial usage and construction purposes, corded tools are still preferred. This is mainly because corded power tools are able to produce more power. Below are the main advantages corded tools have over their cordless counterparts.

Usage Time

In most of the cases a corded power tool will require an air compressor or can be plugged into the electrical socket. In either of the scenarios you do not have to worry about the battery life so the user can keep on using the tool till he or she tired. So, when it comes to time management, a corded tool might be a better fit.


This means that unless there is a problem with the socket the power source will continuously supply power to the tool. This means that effectiveness will almost be 100%. Consistency is often the main problem with cordless tools due to the fact that they tend to lose power sometimes during operation. This reduced the efficiency.


This is again related to the previous point. A power source will ensure that the tool can run for a long period of time but when it comes to lets for example a cordless drill, once the battery has run out you have to wait till it is recharged or you have to replace the battery to continue.

Cordless Power Tools

Cordless alternatives are popular along households rather than construction sites. While power limitations, time take to recharge, and capacity are the main drawbacks of cordless tools there a numerous benefit that homeowners can receive from these types of tools.

But top quality brands like Makita cordless tools have a high capacity so that you can use them to complete most of the tasks without any interruption. Below are the main benefits of a cordless power tool

Cord Free

This is the most obvious and main benefit of cordless tools. This allows the user to move freely with the tool and even to places that have no access to power. Having an extension cord trailing behind can be dangerous during some jobs so as safety comes before anything going wire free is a major benefit.

Less Components

Cordless tools are compact, and you can easily carry them around because they have fewer parts compared to their corded counterparts.


Once upon a time power tools required special expertise to be operated but nowadays, they are made more user friendly and are quite light. This makes it comfortable and the user can easily get the work done.

As you can see the type of power tool depends on the job and preference of the user. Both cordless and corded power tools have benefits and drawbacks, but I don’t either overtaking the other unless cordless tools are able to mimic the same power that is produced from a corded tool.

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