The Importance of Mowing the Lawn

Cutting the grass is a tiring job but it is very important to mow the lawn so the area looks nice and neat. Front lawn is the first thing you see when entering the house so it is necessary to have it looking good.

Mowing your lawn will ensure the health of your grass, cutting your grass to the same length will ensure that the entire area receives equal amount of sunlight, water and fertilizer thereby leading to healthy growth of grass.

Decrease allergy and discomfort

Many individuals suffer from grass allergy and grown lawn have a higher possibility to carry pollen and seeds and a mown lawn reduces the amount of pollen in the air and there is reduced weeds and other plants that may cause allergies.


Mulching the lawn is important because this returns the nutrients needed for proper growth of lawn, when mowing is done regularly the shorter blades which are nutrient rich are returned to the soil, longer blades are weak and have less nutrient

Preventing of unwanted nuisance

Lawn can be subjected to lot of pest, weeds and disease if done regularly this can be avoided and the place can be maintained properly.

Mowing the lawn can be done by you or by hiring a service like Jims mowing.

Use a proper mower for your lawn

There are many types of lawn mower, one is manual which requires the person pushing to mow the lawn, the other is electric lawn mower which are heavier and expensive but works quietly and another is gas walk behind mowers which can be pushes or operate by itself, the most commonly preferred one is the gas powered one.

Keeping the blades in good shape

A blunt blade is going to lead to improper cutting of the grass giving it a ragged appearance if your lawn looks as such it means that your blades need sharpening. You can do this 1-2 times in a year, make sure to inspect them after mowing and clean the blades so the debris don’t stick back.

Mow the lawn at its proper time

There is a schedule when the lawn should be mowed, don’t mow the lawn when its wet and follow the 1/3rd rule. Do not mow the lawn more than a third. The ideal height a lawn should be kept at is 2 inches. Even if its overgrown do not be tempted to cut more than a third, first cut the third and then after a couple of days you can cut it again.

Clear all kinds of debris

Go around your lawn and see if there are any rocks, toys or other kinds of obstruction and remove them before proceeding.

Mow the perimeter

It will be easy for you to mow the perimeter first this would give you enough area to mow back and forth. When there is a slope mow perpendicular to the slope. Mow back and forth in straight lines with the lines overlapping slightly. And you can put the clippings of the grass over the area you have mown.

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