The Refrigerator Van Buying Guide You Need

If you own a business that involves the transport of items that need to be at a certain temperature, the most obvious choice is buying a refrigerated van to do this.

This mostly includes food products that will go bad if the temperature is not maintained. Florists use this type of van too to transport fresh flowers over long distances. There are different types of refrigerators vans in the industry, therefore picking the right van for your business is vital.

Below are some of the main things you need to pay attention to when looking to buy a refrigerator van. Another thing to note is that you can buy a refrigerator van, or you can convert a van into one of them. However, these criteria relate to both of these because the more information you have or provide the company converting your van, the better the outcome will be.

At what temperature do you need to operate?

Keeping your goods cold is the main purpose behind getting refrigerated vans. So, it makes sense that the first question you should be asking is what temperature the goods do you transport require.

The temperature of the van depends on the types of food you are moving.

If you have a flower business, then usually flowers require a chilled temperature between 5 to 7 degrees Celsius. Flowers have a short life span and to maximize this you need to set the temperature nothing more or less than that range.

If you own a catering operation, then the temperature will depend on the type of food you are transporting. Most catering vans have two sections to store chilled and ambient products. For drinks you’ll probably need to maintain a temperature between 0 to 8 degrees Celsius.

Ice cream and meat will require a sub-zero temperature and so will some type of pharmaceutical products. Both meat and pharmaceutical products have strict regulations when it comes to the transport temperature.

Chiller or Freezer Van

This question will have you thinking about the products you transport again. Some chiller vans do not have refrigeration units and can be only used to maintain the temperature for a certain period of time. Freezer vans on the hand have refrigeration system.


Some van has an auto-defrost feature and will mostly operate on a timed basis.

Overnight Refrigeration

Some of the vans have a feature where you can plug it in to an electrical stand and leave the goods overnight. You do not have to keep your engine tuned on. Because of this feature, refrigerator vans can sometime be an efficient storage method for goods that need to be maintained at a certain temperature.

Duration of Use

If you are looking for a van just for one-time use, then you might as well hire a van but if transporting goods mentioned above is a daily or frequent thing then you definitely have to buy or convert a van to meet your needs.

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