The Types of Steel

Steel is found everywhere in modern life, I bet you that you couldn’t go a single hour in your waking life without encountering it in some way shape or form in your daily life. Of course, steel is present in the accessories, machines, instruments, and structures that we have built for ourselves in the modern age, and with good reason might I add. It is incredibly strong in most forms, it is extremely versatile in its uses ranging from technology to construction, to automobiles.

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Steel is an incredibly powerful compound. It comes in different grades and compositions that make it useful for a variety of different purposes. It may be shocking to realize however, that all steel is mostly comprised of just two elements. Iron and carbon. You heard that right. All the kinds of steel are made up of just those two elements. The only things that differ are the way that they are combined and treated with trace amounts of other minor elements. The durability, flex and strength of steel depends on the initial process of creation. There are 4 main types of steel that are commonly produced. We will be looking into them in this article

  1. Carbon Steel

This is the type of steel that is dull in appearance, somewhat matte and corrodes easily. Within this category there are 4 subgenres f you will They are the low, medium, and high carbon variants. Carbon steel contains trace amounts of alloying elements, and due to their incredible strength, carbon steels are in high demand for the production of things like knives, automotive parts and wire. For reference, carbon steels are about 90% of all steel used in production.

  • Alloy steel

Alloy steel is made by combining other metals such as nickel, and copper as well. This type of steel is not as expensive as carbon steel, but they are better as resisting corrosion making them particularly useful for use in cars, in ships and in other various mechanical projects. Of course, Alloy steel can be extremely strong, but the strength depends heavily on the number of other elements in the mix.

  • Tool Steel

The name basically gives away its purpose. Tool steel is meant for the production of tools such as hammers, spanners, wrenches etc. Tool steel is extremely hard, and resistant to heat and scrapes. Trace elements of more uncommon elements such as tungsten and chromium. As such tool steel is fantastic for use in manipulating other types of steel.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the type of steel that we encounter most frequently in our daily lives and is very well known to the general public. As is commonly known, stainless steel is extremely shiny and looks attractive and feels attractive too. It uses a lot of chromium in its production to give it the luster it is famous for. This makes it corrosion resistant, and malleable.

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