The Yin and Yang of Myotherapy

Treatment of Myotherapy is an advanced form of physical therapy that does the primary task of addressing and relieving pain caused by injuries to soft muscles and tissues. Whilst it has become a catalyst in helping patients cope and treat ailments it is also said to be beneficial in a variety of other ways as well. However, Myotherapy has a side to it that may be rather disadvantageous as well.

Therefore, before you book in your next appointment it would be the most prudent step to pay close attention to the advantages and disadvantages of Myotherapy as elaborated down below.

Since this line of medication is largely associated with physical ease and relaxation from pain, little is known of the many benefits posed by Myotherapy to the mental health of a patient. That is to say, Myotherapy does the task of providing immediate relief from stress and nausea. Moreover, it makes a patient feel light and peaceful in mind almost instantaneously. This is because massages release endorphins: the brain cell or neurotransmitters that release happiness which outweighs the amount of cortisol and adrenaline. This ensures that Myotherapy massages swiftly uplift a patient’s spirits and leave them feeling at peace from stress hormones that weaken the immune system. Apart from such psychological benefits, Myotherapy is said to have various other physical benefits such as reduced tension in muscles, improvement in the skin tone, increased blood circulation, and increased stability and mobility of joints are a few physical benefits.

While the list of advantages may make this system of treatment very tempting to use, there remains a necessity to pay attention to its disadvantages as well. Firstly, Myotherapy could be a rather time-consuming chain of treatments. If a patient has a busy schedule, frequently allocating insurmountable amounts of time for such treatments could be impractical and difficult targets to meet. Secondly, Myotherapists with a valid license to be engaged in the practice are well trained to use the best medication on their patients. This most certainly includes expensive essential oils which play an integral role in this treatment. This Myotherapy could be a rather costly expenditure with a low level of affordability to certain patients. Thirdly, although clinical massage therapists take all precautions and actions to avoid any accidental injuries to provide their patients with the safest treatments devoid of aggravation of the current condition, the treatment being hundred percent risk-free is not possible. Deep muscle massages pose the threat of dermal and subcutaneous swelling coupled with soreness that might last several days. Furthermore, massage has the potency to trigger diseases related to the nervous system causing neuropathies in the worst cases. Fourthly, maintaining semi-nudity could be rather uncomfortable for certain clients. Although most licensed massage therapists use diverse techniques to make patients feel at ease, some find it uncomfortable and the treatment leaves such patients feeling reluctant to continue treatment owing to the discomfort. Therefore, resorting to Myotherapy is a choice that requires careful thinking.

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