Things to Know About Eating Meat

We eat every day but do we really eat healthy all the time? Or do we know why we eat certain food items? Or are we aware of how beneficial or harmful it is for our bodies? Some of us may be aware while some of us would not have really thought about it. 

Except for the vegans, we all drool over the delicious BBQ chicken or the fried fish- Undoubtedly! Nothing compared to a fulfilling portion of meat. Meat is a vital part of our balanced diet pyramid, but ever wondered why meat and poultry are so wholesome for our body? Let us look into it today. 

Why are poultry and meat good for our bodies?

These items of food are said to be rich in protein. Moreover, they are also a great source of nutrients; such as iron, iodine, vitamins, zinc, and other vital fatty acids.

How do these nutrients help our bodies?

  • Protein- As mentioned above, meat and poultry are a good source of protein. Protein is essential for development and growth.
  • Iodine- It helps to produce thyroid hormone. These hormones regulate the metabolism rate that controls muscles, heart, and digestive function. It also helps in brain development.
  • Iron- Thus, this nutrient carry oxygen around the body.
  • Zinc- It helps to strengthen the immune system, improves reproductive health and, makes the skin healthy.
  • Vitamin B12- It is good for the body’s nervous system.
  • Omega 3- Itis the nutrient that supports the health of the heart and brain.

Therefore, it is ideal for us to eat meat every week in our diet. In this pandemic, many people have turned to poultry home delivery services. Hence, one does not have to worry about standing in the crowd to get the meat!

What is the healthy way to prepare poultry and meat?

There are various ways to cook meat. Here are some ways to sustain all the nutrients when cooking a meat meal with all those delicious flavours.

  • Ideally, take a lean cut slice of meat or poultry
  • The steak or chicken breast slice should not have crumbs or the outside skin
  • Grill the meat; instead of frying the meat
  • Avoid adding extra oil while cooking
  • Marinate the slab of meat for a flavourful taste
  • Marinades also keep the poultry moist and tenderize it during the process of cooking
  • When you intend to roast the piece of meat; keep it above a metal rack over the roasting pan
  • Doing so will drop off all the fat
  • Also, when cooking in stews or curries, keep the meat portion less and add more veggies

However, the meat and poultry should be cooked thoroughly, which kills all the bacteria. Thus, this keeps you and your family from getting diseases and food poisoning. Also, whichever type of meat you eat, one must store it in the freezer.

The meat slab should be unwrapped and in clean containers. Thus, it stops the spread of bacteria. Furthermore, the raw minced meat should be used within three days of storage. 

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