Things To Know When Buying a Bed Pad

Bedwetting is a phase which every one of us has had to deal with in life. It is a natural thing and it cannot be stopped all of a sudden. For all children it will take time to adapt to their body changes and understand the body signals. It is a must for the parents to be cool and handle these situations in a smooth manner. If bedwetting is used to happen in a daily basis, we could use bed pads for the purpose of protecting our mattresses and bedsheets.

Till the child adapts to the situations and does toilet training for perfection we could use bed pads. Bed pads are products which absorb liquid which leaks and which protects the mattress, bedsheet and other surfaces. Using these bed pads gives the parents a peace of mind at nights, so they don’t want to worry about the mattresses or the bedsheets. So, now we will look into the main factors to be concerned of when buying a good bed pad.


One of the main features of abed pad is that we can use it not just in a bed. We can use it on a chair, couch or even in a car seat as well. You should be mindful enough to choose the size of the bed pad to match the particular location where it will be placed. Before selecting the size of the bed pad, it is also better to be concerned about the age and the weight of the child.


Bed pads are unique products. Because they are designed to offer different kind of absorption levels or liquid capacity levels. It differs from one bed pad to another. You should be mindful enough to select the correct type of bed pads that will provide the correct level of protection throughout the day and overnight as well.

Mostly bed pads are categorized as heavy duty, heavy, moderate and light levels according to the extent a bed pad can absorb liquid. For a child, a bed pad with a lower level of absorbency will be suitable and will also be a cost-effective option. But, if you notice a lot of leakage, it is better to opt for a bed pad with higher absorbency level. You could also opt for a waterproof bed pad which will minimize your workload to a greater extent.

Type of bed pad

There are main two types of bed pads in the market. They are disposable and reusable bed pads. Disposable bed pads are, mainly known for their high absorbency level. They are also very convenient to use. These are best for temporary uses and the cleaning up process is very quick and easy.

Disposable bed pads consist of a higher dry technology which draws moisture from the skin and protects from bedsores. They also minimize the growth of bacteria which can result in occurrence of odours. In the other hand, reusable bed pads are also known as washable bed pads.

Special features

As much as you should be concerned about other features when buying a bed pad, you could also focus on other special features as well. You could buy adhesive bed pads which could be placed on the underside and stuck to the bed sheets. This will prevent the under pad from moving out when sleeping. You could also opt for a winged bed pad which is a perfect option for a lot of movement during sleep, because they provide more protection.

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