Tips for Choosing Nuts and Bolts

You can connect workpieces by using nuts, bolts and washers. The term nut and bolt refers to two different units that have different functions. A bolt has a driving surface with a head. It has a cylindrical shaft that will get embedded in the workpieces. A washer will be fitted onto the bolt shaft so that the load of the connection is spread over a large area. It will also prevent the connection from becoming loose. The shaft of the bolt is generally threaded and you will see an unthreaded part near the head of the bolt.

A nut is threaded internally and externally. The threads in the nut will fit those on the bolt so that the nut can spin around the shaft of the bolt. When you tighten the nut, the work pieces will be tightened together. Generally, you will need a wrench to hold the bolt in place and another wrench to tighten the nut. You need to consider the materials, size, finish and type of thread when you are matching a bolt with a nut and a washer. You can contact nut and bolt suppliers to find out what you are looking for.

When it comes to materials, nuts and bolts are commonly made out of steel. But steel is a material that can corrode. Therefore, a corrosion resistant coating will be done over the steel. When it comes to indoor applications, you can use zinc plated bolts. The finish is very thin. If you use this on outdoor applications, you will find that it will not withstand moisture when you are using it with timber. Powder-coated paint finishes are also for indoor use.

If you are painting over the nut and bolt, you can select one that comes in a black phosphate coating. It will adhere well to the paint and will not look too noticeable. For external applications, you will need to select hot dipped galvanized nuts and bolts. You can also use stainless steel nuts, bolts and finishes when you are working on external projects. The sizing is very important when it comes to choosing nuts, bolts and washers.

The sizes may be given in different units such as imperial or metric. When you are given the diameter of a bolt, you will be given the external diameter of the threads. This measurement should match the inner diameter of the nut and the washer. There will be a length measurement as well that provides the distance between the end of the bolt and just beneath the bolt head. The thread can be different as well when it comes to bolts and nuts. You will find thin-threads or coarse threads.

The important factor is to match the types of threads together. You may have noticed the coarse threaded nuts and bolts more as they are more prevalent. The benefit of using them is that you can get is that they will not be subjected to jamming. You will also see that there is a larger space between the threads. It takes a long time to install or remove a fine threaded nut. But they will not loosen if exposed to vibrations.

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