Tips for Making Your Home More Secure

Home is where we relax and wind down so there is a need to feel secure within it. Burglaries are quite common when homes are not secured well so you need to take the right security measures to minimise potential hazards.

An alarm system is great for any home so that you are able to be notified when there is unauthorised entry to the house. And there is a routine charge you will need to pay for monitoring the alarm system. There are many different alarm systems that are available so you need to check for something that has a good notification protocol so that a contact can be notified before an intruder damages or tampers with the system. There are alarm systems that come equipped with flashlights, recording features and smart features. You can read more about how a locksmith is able to provide you with these services in the Lockrite locksmiths blog.    You also need to make sure that you don’t keep any valuables in easy sight. So anything like jewellery needs to be stored somewhere safe that is not generally visible. Even when there is maintenance staff coming to the house, keeping valuables out of sight can keep temptation away.

You can also amp up your security by getting a guard dog. Would-be thieves are usually deterred when there is a dog in the house as they can double as a home alarm system. But this also depends on the type of dog you get and how you train them. If security is a priority, you can go for breeds that are good at watching over people and providing protection. They should also be trained from a young age. Smart appliances and installations are great at making a home more efficient as well as secure. You can install smart lights inside and outside the house so that they are equipped with motion detectors, floodlights etc. letting you know when there is movement nearby your house. Make sure these are installed at all exits and areas that are hidden from view such as areas that have a lot of vegetation or around garden sheds etc. It is best to install a security camera system that works in conjunction with the lighting system.

You need to think twice whenever you are handing someone a copy of your house key as this can be a potential security breach. So you need to understand who has access to the house and control that access to the best of your ability. Whenever a key is lost, it is best to call a locksmith to replace the lock in the off chance that it had fallen into the wrong hands. Also, when you are installing new doors or evaluating existing doors in the boundary of your house, consider whether they are kick resistant and have sufficient strength to withstand force. It is best to become well-acquainted with your neighbours as well because they will also keep an eye on the house when there are people nearby and let you know if there is anything suspicious happening.

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