Tips for Proper Outboard Motor Maintenance

Many small boats that are engaged in recreation or fishing use an outboard motor. You will be able to find a powerful motor that fits the size of your boat quite easily. There are many affordable options out there for you to compare and you can get an idea of the durability of the motor from the reputation of the supplier or brand. But regular maintenance is a must to ensure that your motor function is long-lasting.

There are two types of maintenance that you should carry out for outboard motors. One is the routine maintenance that you should perform throughout the year and the other is the maintenance procedure that should be performed right after boating. You need to purge all the water out of the boat right after you pull it out of the water. This can be done by starting the engine and letting the water pump do its work. If you are boating in marine water, you will need to flush the engine with fresh water so that no seawater remains inside. This is essential because seawater can cause corrosion of the engine. Once the water is purged, the remaining gas in the engine can be burned.

After water and gas have been removed from the engine, you need to remove the casing of the engine. This casing is what keeps it safe from the water and it is known as the cowling. Once the engine is exposed, you can wipe it clean with a fresh cloth. Make sure that you wear heat-proof gloves as the engine will be hot. If you find any water in the engine compartment, this means there is a leak. You need to immediately call a professional service to take care of this issue.

When the outboard motor is not cleaned regularly, dirt can build up and cause a blockage. There are also algae, salt, and other contaminants that should be flushed out of the cooling system. You can use a flusher to clean the motor once the engine is out of the water. If you have not used the motor in a while, it is best to flush it. You need to do this whether you operate the boat in seawater or freshwater. There can be sand and dirt that will be in the freshwater that can accumulate inside.  Another option for cleaning the outboard motor is to keep it in a large container of water to rinse.

When dirt gets clogged in the drainpipe, the indicator jet can weaken. You need to switch off the motor immediately if you notice this happening. You can use a wire to loosen up the dirt and check the indicator water flow after you restart the motor. You may need to replace the water pump if the problem doesn’t go away. You need to keep a service kit for regular checkups. These can be purchased from any boating store. You need to check the fuel line of the motor routinely to see if there are any signs of wear. The hose clamps on the fuel line should be checked for corrosion as well.

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