Tips in Choosing the Perfect Wall Art for Any Space in Your Home

Wall hangings and decorations finish the look of your home décor. They are like icing on top of a cake and without them, your home interior will look a little bit dull and plain. Wall art is a versatile home décor piece as it serves as an accent that draws the viewer’s eye.

There is no set best type of wall art for every home since it is all up to your preferences on what kind of wall art catches your interest and expresses your personality. However, there are several factors that need to be considered in order to get a wall art that will work efficiently for your space.


One of the basic factors you should look into when buying a wall art is the size. It could be hard to find the right wall art if you’re not yet sure where to put it. Choose a bare space in your wall where you want to place a wall hanging and measure it to find the perfect size of wall art for that area.

Oversized wall arts set a perfect focal point in your wall that’s why they should be placed in a spot with no obstructions to display their full beauty. You can hang different sized wall arts but just be sure that they balance each other in terms of size and proportion.


Another factor that affects your choice of wall arts is the style. It all depends on your taste in art. For instance, if you love Scandinavian style, you should go for wall arts with wooden frames to fit that theme. If your home has a contemporary feel based on the furniture and colour scheme, you should also go for contemporary wall art just like those artworks by Yayoi Kusama to complement your overall home décor.


Another way of choosing a wall art is by the colour scheme of your space. There are two ways you could go when choosing the colour of your wall art. First, you can stick to the present colour scheme of the room. The colours in your wall art should not vary much with the colours scheme of your room to make the artwork look more incorporated into the design.

On the other hand, if your room’s colour scheme is more on the neutral side, you could go for bold colours in your artwork to add pops of colour into your overall décor. Either way, the end product would look really nice when you stick to this technique.

Although there are many factors that affect your choice of wall art, there is one thing that you should always keep in mind when buying wall arts. Always go for pieces that you love. Don’t put something in your wall if you don’t like it or if it doesn’t evoke any positive feeling when you look at it. Your home décor should reflect your personality and not what the current trends are.

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